When Larry King meets Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp sits down with Larry King for a rare interview, to air on CNN this weekend.

The famously private actor gives King a tour of his private office in Hollywood, showing his personal paintings and memorabilia and opens up about his life and work.

During the interview, Depp touches upon fame, success and failure. He also reveals new details about upcoming projects including his next film, “Dark Shadows,” with long-time collaborator Tim Burton, and his upcoming film, “The Rum Diary”, which is based on the life of his good friend Hunter S. Thompson.

Depp and King talk about his family and friendships with his mentors Marlon Brando and Thompson. Depp credits Brando with changing the way actors work, saying that “Marlon reinvented acting, he revolutionised acting.” Johnny Depp, a vocal advocate for the West Memphis 3, also comments on the release of the three men, who had served close to 20  years for murder.

It screens on CNN on Saturday, October 22 at midnight Sydney time and will re-air on Sunday, October 23 at 7am and 8pm Sydney time.


  1. watched the show last night ….. CNN went to a news flash to show us women screaming in New Zealand about the world cup win …. i wonder what advise Marlon Brando gave johnny Depp ??? Come on CNN you could have done it in a comm break!!!

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