Ab Fab: sneak peek

I don’t know about you….. but by the looks of this clip, the Ab Fab gang have still got it…

The new specials are tipped for late January, early February in Australia.

Can’t wait!



  1. Fantastic to see them returning …

    @ TV Tomorrow: Ab Fab cannot be compared to stuff like Hey Hey … totally different planets! (I will use all my strenght to restrain myself from commenting any further on this topic!!) 🙂

  2. I’m with you David – can’t wait! And, what?, June is 86?? Amazing!

    Just saw this hilarious clip from the same Graham Norton show of Jennifer talking about being ridiculously over-dressed during a recent US awards benefit: afterelton.com/meme-11-28-2011?page=last

    Still laughing.

  3. @TV.Tomorrow, Doctor Who is recapturing past glories and has been for the past 6 years, Ab Fab is doing that with the special and I don’t see the harm, if you don’t like simple simple simple solution, don’t watch it and don’t comment easy saves you a lot of grief.

  4. @Secret Squïrrel , so your saying ab fab will not be dated ? It sounds like a desperate attempt to recapture old glory days to me , It was tacky and unfunny then , and sure would be tacky and funny now ,plus a disgrace to british comedies and Is nowhere In the same league as a One Foot In The Grave , Fawlty Towers or Only fools and Horses.

    How much of a hypocrit are you telling me to move on, when you clearly have a soft spot for pet shop boys junk from 20 years ago .

    @ Goonies ab fab lasted 20 years ? , well Hey Hey went longer .

    • Both Ab Fab and Pet Shop Boys are quite fab in my opinion. Don’t see what it’s got to do with Hey Hey. Silly comparison.

      TV Tomorrow: if you don’t provide a working email, I am unable to discuss Comments with you. Kindly email me to discuss.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    @TV.Tomorrow – three things: 1) all of the commenters on this article have not bagged Hey Hey but good on you for lumping us all in that category;
    2) Ab Fab isn’t dated, it’s style of humour is quite timeless, and easily refreshed for today after the break they’ve had; and
    3) Goonies is right – HHiS *is* dated and no longer funny. It was good in the ’80s but wore out its welcome in the ’90s and was rightly taken off due to poor ratings. Ab Fab will get about twice the numbers that HHiS was getting.

    It’s time to recognise that most TV watchers moved on ages ago. Perhaps it’s time you did, too?

  6. June Whitfield with her classic one liners is bloody legend ! At the age of 86 she is still acting and giving us laughs as she has for decades.So looking foward to watching these specials.

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