Ab Fab specials early 2012 on ABC1

Absolutely Fabulous fans can look forward to the new specials in early 2012 on ABC1.

ABC1 Channel Controller Brendan Dahill told TV Tonight he has a slot in mind in the schedule but is still waiting to see the specials.

“I don’t know whether they are M or MA because I haven’t seen them yet,” he said.

“The previous series of Ab Fab have been both PG and MA, depending on the episodes. So the only reason we haven’t announced a date yet is because I’m waiting to see them to know what time of night I can schedule them.”

There are three new Ab Fab specials written by Jennifer Saunders to air in the UK, with the first due at Christmas.

“We’re not going to make you wait until next Christmas. They’re going to be coming out in the new year. Late January, early February I’d imagine.”


  1. According to Classification.gov.au, none of the DVDs have exceeded an M (yes, I know TV ratings aren’t the same but they’re damn similar). I don’t know why the ABC won’t show MA at 9pm either.

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