Ab Fab still looks fab

Ok sweetie, here’s what the cast of Ab Fab look like after all these years.

Reunited for their 3 specials are Jane, Julia, Jennifer, June and Joanna.

The specials are expected to air in the UK at Christmas.


  1. Let’s hope Jen has kept it simple like the first 3 series & not added complicated & sometimes boring storylines such as Saffy being pregnant etc.
    And good to see Bubble & not Katy Grin,a character that did not really work.
    Will the fabulous Bo Turtle make a reappearance? Mo Gaffney is definately my fave guest cast member. “In with anger…out with love”.

  2. They all still look Fab,cant wait to watch these specials.June Whitfield who plays the mother is now 86 years old,she looks amazing for her age.She is a true legend..Jennifer recently recovered from a cancer battle, a pure woman of courage and talent.

  3. andrew peter collins

    I knew Jen Saunders was ill quite a while back and i was quite worried. She handled the whole thing with real grace and class. Perhaps some Hollywood A listers could learn a thing or two from our Jen. Now where’s my vivien westwood bumbag? I’ve got some serious partying to do in soho. Bolli stolli anyone?

  4. It’s the kind of reunion where I’m hoping Patsy and Eddie have had “loads of work done”. I bet they spent the majority of the 2000s recovering from ‘little procedures’.

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