Airdate: New Idea Test Kitchen

Branded entertainment show New Idea Test Kitchen will air for six weeks on 7TWO beginning Sunday 20th November at 6.30pm, hosted by Damien Leith.

Host Damien Leith teams up with the New Idea Test Kitchen experts to bring you inspirational recipes, seasonal food selection, easy tips from cooking professionals and brilliant ideas to help out with Christmas and summer entertaining.

Each week, New Idea Food Director, Barbara Northwood makes light work of Christmas classics with her weekly Masterclass recipe demonstrations, for dishes including Christmas Fruit Cake, Roast Turkey, Spiced Apricot-Glazed Ham and Rocky Road.

Food Editor Pamela Jones explains how to make the stand-out recipes from each week’s issue of New Idea in the lead-up to Christmas, such as Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti, and answers tricky kitchen questions from readers.

Damien, Barbara and Pam are joined each week by Home Economist and Market Watcher, Elle Vernon, who reports on the best fresh seasonal produce from the markets; and Kitchen Gadget guru, Glenn Wheeler, gives viewers the lowdown on the best kitchen tools available in stores.

Every Sunday, the team will also be joined by celebrity foodies, including Sunrise’s Natalie Barr, model Rachael Finch, My Kitchen Rules’ Sammy and Bella, and Dancing With the Stars’ Adam and Jade Brand, who each take turns whipping up their favourite summer dishes.


  1. Really enjoyed the show. Will cook the turkey and the pork the way it was done on show for Christmas. Could not find how to enter competition. went to but no link there.

  2. can you tell me what and when we use spoon or knife we are looking at wood or stainless steel use with each ingrediance used
    also how do i get into the competition to win cooking appiances

  3. Hi all, Loved the show & learnt many new ways to cook. For the record(excuse the pun) Damien was a great host & who cares whether his music career has slowed or not. This is about a new cooking show & Leith as the new presenter.
    Maybe this is a way to promote him but I think its a new way to watch a cooking show that once was to long or very unhealthy

  4. Muzza, no I am neither.

    I do however enjoy his music and like to attend his concerts when I can. He has an incredible stage presence.

    I follow his career via the media and online.

  5. @Janet. You are entitled to your opinion but here’s the first time I’ve seen or heard from him since his debut album. That’s how I measure success. I hope you enjoy the show.

  6. Southpatt, that is a comment from somebody not knowing what they are talking about.

    Damien has been working non stop for several years now and is currently coming to an end a sold out concert tour throughout Australia.

    His 5th and current album ROY: A Tribute to Roy Orbion was released in April and is still in the ARIA charts. I wouldn’t call that a music career that has gone bust.

    He has also been nominated for another ARIA Award, due to be announced later this month.

    Not forgetting the other appearances on TV shows and the fact that he has published 2 novels.

    I for one am looking forward to this show because I like the format of it and having Damien has a host is an added bonus.

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