Airdate: The Royle Family: Joe’s Crackers

Next month UK TV has the Australian premiere of The Royle Family‘s 2010 Christmas special, Joe’s Crackers.

This is the most recent episode of the Royle Family‘s adventures.

It’s Christmas Day and Barbara is up to her eyes in it as Jim is out of action due to an unfortunate incident, Dave and Denise worry that Anthony’s lavish present will eclipse their gift of a fridge magnet, Joe reminisces about a tipsy evening of naked wrestling in front of the fire with Bobby Carter, while Cheryl recounts her romantic encounter in the local supermarket car park. All in all, it’s a memorable one!

Sunday December 25 at 7.00pm.


  1. This special is so funny,sad they are not filming a 2011 christmas special .The writers didnt have the special written in time for the BBC.So this special is last one until next year.

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