…and 40 weeks makes a clean sweep for Seven.

Seven Network has now won all 40 weeks in Total People in 2011 survey ratings -the first network to do so since the introduction of OzTAM.

Seven Network has now won all 40 weeks in Total People in 2011 survey ratings.

It’s the first time a network has done so since the introduction of OzTAM in 2001.

The X Factor topped Week 48 with The Winner Announced on 2.02m viewers. Next for Seven were X Factor (Tues: 1.72m, Mon: 1.54m), Beauty and the Geek Australia (Winner Revealed: 1.25m, Thurs: 1.07m), Sunday Night (1.21m), Better Homes and Gardens (1.18m), Seven News (Sun: 1.17m, Weeknights: 1.13m, Sat: 1.08m) and Today Tonight (1.04m).

Celebrity Apprentice (Winner Announced: 1.68m, Boardroom: 1.31m, Challenge: 1.06m) was best for Nine then The Big Bang Theory (Ep 1: 1.33m, Ep 2: 1.15m, Wed Ep 2: 1.03m, Wed Ep 1: 1.00m), 60 Minutes (1.32m), and Frozen Planet (1.03m).

TEN scraped into the top 30 thanks to Junior MasterChef (Finale: 932,000, Winner Announced: 914,000, Sun: 846,000, Tues: 723,000, Mon: 675,000), then Merlin (776,000), NCIS (725,000), and Recruits: Paramedics (640,000).

ABC1 had two top performers in Spicks and Specks Finale (1.56m) and Doc Martin (1.45m) followed by ABC News (Sat: 994,000, Weeknights: 853,000), The Hamster Wheel (919,000), Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (857,000) and The Slap (830,000).

For SBS ONE it was The Bible: A History (307,000), Town with Nicholas Crane (284,000), David Attenborough: Death of the Oceans? (284,000), and Hitler’s Heroes (240,000).

Seven Network won with 30.7% to Nine 25.9%, TEN 19.3%, ABC 18.8% and SBS 5.2%.

In Primary channels Seven won with 22.2% over Nine 19.4%, ABC1 14.6%, TEN 13.7%, SBS ONE 4.4%.

7TWO dominated multichannels on 5.1% ahead of ELEVEN 3.6%, 7mate 3.5%, GO! 3.3%, GEM 3.2%, ABC2 2.6%, ONE 2.0%, SBS TWO 0.9%, ABC3 0.8% and ABC News 24 0.8%.

Seven won key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven took victory in all 5 metro cities.

Seven was first on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Nine won Sunday and ABC won Saturday. ABC also bettered TEN on 3 other nights: Wednesday – Friday. Nine also pushed Seven into third place on Saturday while Seven’s primary channel slipped to fourth.

Survey ratings resume on February 12th 2012.

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  1. Well done Channel Seven. Everything you did in 2011 is well deserved. The fact no one has ever done this shows how dominant the network really is and the fact its done in a digital environment too is an even bigger achievement. I guess the questions that will be asked now is can Nine come close in 2012? Can TEN dip even lower?

    I still think there needs to be some changes done to the ratings. Obviously these new posting rules are here to stay and i am fine with that. The thing i am not fine with is what Nine have done these past weeks by splitting a show in 2 even though its one episode. Now i know some of you will disagree here but i am ok with the Winner Announced thing for reality but i am not happy with the way ratings have gone in the past year. It all started when TEN decided it was ok to split Masterchef and Renovators into individual nights then Nine did it with the block and continued on with that trend with Celebrity Apprentice. Then they decided to do it with Underbelly’s individual episodes. Sorry but this i deem is wrong. A series that is shown should be averaged as a series especially a weeknight one. Also the same should go for the likes of Underbelly etc. What Nine and TEN have done to the ratings is an absolute disgrace and i think it should be changed. Seven have been light on with things. The only thing they do is the Winner Announced stuff which as i said before has been a practice in the ratings business for years which i am fine with but splitting shows? Ridiculous.

    Then we come to the repeating of shows. Seven codes a repeat, Nine codes Ep1, Ep2 of Big Bang and they were both repeats yet its not stated repeats. We need to use a system which is fair and at the moment this one isn’t. One network can do one thing and the other network can do another. What next split the news in 4 segments. Sorry but this needs

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