Eddie McGuire tipped for Foxtel AFL

Nine Network personality and Collingwood Football Club president Eddie McGuire is widely tipped to be joining Foxtel’s AFL coverage next year.

McGuire has been in discussions for three months about a possible shift to FOX Sports for its dedicated AFL channel.

If a deal is made, he could wind up on both Nine and Foxtel, providing he is not on any of Foxtel’s entertainment channels in competition with Nine. Together with his Triple M radio show, that would indeed make him ‘Eddie Everywhere.’

Yesterday 3AW reported that McGuire negotiated a deal with James Packer, part owner of the FOX Sports channels.

Meanwhile, Seven has expressed interest in retired forward Barry Hall for weekly matches featuring Sydney and Greater Western Sydney.

Source: The Age


  1. So he will be on Fox for the footy but then against them for the Olympics? Already says enough times on Hot Seat how 9 will have the best coverage of the Olympics. Got news for him…..

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Isnt he already doing enough, Radio, tv, and Afl commentry on Radio i would presume, he is really missing calling the AFL on Tv isnt he. I dont quite get it as far as commentating goes why does he need to be on tv to do it, although i kind of saw this comming considering they dont have Brian Brisstle Taylor anymore.

  3. I hope this idiot screws Foxtel and does as much damage as he has done to 9, the mans as boring as hell why anyone would cross the road to see him I,m buggered if I know

  4. Bad move for Fox Sports – they should be trying to establish their own style of broadcasting and have a genuine difference like Sky did in the Uk with the football, not copy FTA.

  5. I don’t think Eddie is hated in Sydney. Hot Seat rates quite well there. He’s not loved as he is in Melbourne but it seems Melburnians love him simply because he’s a Melburnian.

  6. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    It would be good to see Eddie going back to what he started doing….sport. Eddie did a great job during the 5 years nine had afl. And with this product, his Sydney haters will not be exposed to him in a big way. But Eddie. Please don’t commentate collingwood games. Just be a spectator with your family instead

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