Gone: Kill Arman, South Park.

SBS has suddenly dropped two of its Monday night shows: Kill Arman and South Park.

Kill Arman premiered last week to 151,000 with South Park on 137,000. This week they dropped to 82,000 and 76,000.

SBS will replace them with repeats of Man vs Wild from Monday.

It’s not likely to please the remaining South Park fans who are already fed up with the show being delayed for months, with episodes suspended, and now removed from schedule.


  1. Chris Atkinson

    Put Kill Arman back on TV and dump the Bear Grills repeats.Tell minority groups who dont like martial arts shows to get a life and change chanel for one hour.

  2. Just got an email from SBS saying Kill Arman will return 12 January. Will be getting the DVD for Christmas anyway and will be hoping that the second series is not too far behind.

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