iView hits new high

In October iView broke new records, reaching 1.1million visitors in a single month.

ABC has released some data which indicates iView has hit new levels.

Kim Dalton, Director of ABC TV, says the broadcaster’s mix of multi‐channel, multi‐platform and multi‐device strategy is working well.

“Last month alone, there was a record 1.1million visitors to iView and more than five million plays of program episodes. The monthly average number of visitors has increased by 44% compared with last year,” he said.

“Whether it was watching TV live on one of our five channels, time‐shifting via PVRs (45% of metro homes have them*), or streaming episodes on‐line via our catch‐up service ABC iview, ABC viewers have embraced our engagement with digital technology.”

Shows such as Paper Giants, Angry Boys and The Slap are proving successful as multi-platform content.

Angry Boys first episode attracted the highest number of plays via ABC iview (1.4 million), and a further 1.2 million plays of streamed episodes were recorded via the website.

Paper Giants‘ two parts averaged 1.4 million viewers on ABC1 but was seen by a further 204,000  on ABC2 plus 118,000 plays via iView and the official website. 12% of the television audience time‐shifted the show.

The Slap is averaging 952,000 metro viewers on ABC1 and a further 232,000 viewers on ABC2 with 14% of viewing as Timeshifted. It has recorded 566,000 plays via iView and 204,000 plays via the website.

So far this year, Doctor Who has seen 717,000 plays on iView, followed by Crownies (593,000), Good Game (548,000) Q & A (345,000), Four Corners (323,000), Australian Story (317,000), At Home with Julia (293,000), The Gruen Transfer (283,000), Gruen Planet (238,000), Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight (137,000) and Wide Open Road (57,000).

ABC News 24 has had 63,000 plays via iView from January to October, but much bigger numbers in live streaming via the official website.

But one of the biggest generators of traffic is ABC4Kids, generating 3.3 million plays via iView and the ABC4Kids Website (combined) last month with kids hooked on Peppa Pig, Octonauts, Rob The Robot, Fireman Sam and Bananas In Pyjamas.

ABC says there has been a significant take‐up of iView on mobile devices, connected TVs and gaming consoles with the iPad app now at 742,000 downloads from iTunes.

* OzTAM Metropolitan TAM Panels. As of 29th Oct 2011.

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  1. Now that iView has been implemented on a lot of newer internet TV’s (Smart TV’s), it’s only naturally going to be viewed more now. It’s a pretty good service. Seven network and SBS have their own services, it will be good to see the other networks get on board and join in on internet TV.

  2. iView is simply fantastic. Very easy to use and massive selection.

    Still cannot believe none of the commercial networks have given anything as good especially regarding the selection offered (I believe Seven is getting better) and the unmetered content – why does no one else do this?!

  3. Good on them! I love iView, it’s my go to when I’m at uni and want to watch something. Plus, it’s like tv with what I Want to watch instead of what is currently on. There is no “must kill 3hrs” before the next show is on. I love the fact that there are no annoying parts by parts kind of catchup service.

    Even though other channels must have ads in between them, is it really necessary to have greater than 4 parts for one 30 minute show? And the same tampon ad played at least 3 out of 4 times really wears you thin. Yay ABC iView!

  4. Imagine the increased uptake if or when they release an iPhone app (or update the website to be compatible), instead of just the iPad app they have at the moment.

    I’m not sure what has taken them so long. Perhaps its just a concern that people will want to use it over 3G, creating large data use.

  5. I’m still surprised not that many are actually aware that iView actually exists. I often see people exclaiming that they missed certain ABC shows and when I’ve told them to go to iView and watch it, they Always ask what it is. I think many more would watch if they knew about it.

  6. Pity the fools at the ABC have axed one of their biggest iView shows then. Crownies is a great achievement and the ABC are idiots for letting us fall in love with it and then axe it after one series.

  7. My new smart TV has an iView app (although unmetered).Since i got it, we have used iView more, for shows like The Slap and most recently “Who’s Been Sleeping in My House?” last night, because I forgot to put it in the PVR.

  8. Good on the ABC – their platform is fantastic. I’m astonished that the national broadcaster has got it all so right (iView, mobile apps etc.) and yet the commercial networks are no where near as good, their platforms are amateurish compared to ABC. Good to see them leading the way.

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