Junior MasterChef: finale

This week Junior MasterChef airs on three nights, Sunday – Tuesday.

Next week the show has four episodes, with its Grand Final on Wednesday November 23rd.

This will pit it against the finale for The One, but at least it’s not up against Celebrity Apprentice, X Factor or Beauty & the Geek finales.

7:30pm Sunday Nov 20
Top 8
The Kids compete in a ‘Perfect Pavlova’ cook off. This is the last chance for the Top 8 kids to earn valuable points. But one kid forgets to add vanilla and corn flour. Can they save their dish?

7:30pm Monday Nov 21
Top 6
There’s a lot at stake for our top 6 chefs . One of them will secure a coveted place in the finale and two of them will go home. Today it’s ‘the Conveyor belt mystery challenge’.

7:30pm Tuesday Nov 22
Semi Final
Tonight it’s the Junior Masterchef Semi-finals and the pressure is on. With just one spot left in this year’s grand Finale up for grabs, three of Australia’s top young cooks will battle it out.

7:30pm Wednesday Nov 23
Grand Final
Tonight the two mini chefs roll up their sleeves ready to cook the dish of their lives in the finale! First up the cooks must create a fruit dessert and finally battle their last pressure test ever.



  1. How rigged is this show. What a rock of shite. Always the pretty little girls with their bows in the hair or the ladies that couldnt cook for shit end up winning…I guess it is ratings vs the truth and money wins. I wont be wasting my time watching this shite again. 0/10

  2. “This will pit it against the finale for The One, but at least it’s not up against Junior MasterChef, X Factor or Beauty & the Geek finales”

    Junior Masterchef can’t be up against its self. As I said I think you mean Celeb Apprentice. 🙂

  3. I assume the top 6 and semi final will air on Monday and Tuesday respectively, up against the last two episodes of The X Factor? And how convenient to have the finale on Wednesday, as there will be no new episode of Glee from the US due to Thanksgiving that week, and the US version of The X Factor will be shown on Tuesday night (Wednesday Australian time).

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