MasterChef 2012 to film in Melbourne

Series 4 of MasterChef will kick off in Melbourne, with episodes to be filmed both in Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

Series 4 of MasterChef will kick off in Melbourne, with episodes to be filmed both in Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

TEN says Series 4 is going to be “all about the food and the stories our contestants can tell, through what they create in the kitchen.”

Executive Producer, Shine Australia, Margie Bashfield said: “MasterChef is all about food – real people, real food and real dreams – and there is no better place for food than Melbourne. We are really excited about being there.”

This will be the second time the show has filmed episodes in Melbourne, home to all three judges, Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.

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  1. i luv everything about MC the judges know their struts well……so get a life to all those of you who are so negative with the show…get your facts right though….the UK masterchef is of the worst ever….whats the venue got to due with it anyway,i admire Melbourne and the challange of course…cant wait to c the show..

  2. In the UK we haqve John Torode for the amateurs and Michel Roux for the professionals and both of them encourage the chefs to produce good food and the episodes are all about delivering good food. The supposed “professionals” judging the Aussie series might benefit from a masterclass with these two talented chefs.On cther hand they would probably fail the invention test.

  3. Oh my God, this series is terrible!!! Everytime I watch it, I am just dumbfounded as to what Elle is doing in the top five?????? The woman cant cook!!! And why are the girls in the show always crying!!!!! Dont they have what it takes to compete against men that they have to resort to tears??? Boohooo, Dalai Lama, I cooked badlyyyyyy…bahhhhhh…sob sob…. And Dani, who does she think she is exactly… she has such a high and mighty opinion of herself and then everytime she screws up, she starts whining and crying…….. … noway, is she worthy of the top 5…. So many others , more deserving, like Hayden n Jay, have bitten the dust. Why is this pathetic cook still there??? …… I think I am going to stop watching! If Series 4 isnt an improvement, this show is a goner!!!!

  4. I am a UK viewer and, whereas the first and to a lesser degree the second series were great, season 3 has been a terrible let down. Cliched scripting by the judges during the challenges and a blatant bias towards the group of three female contestants in the later stages. With both Gary and George actually assisting Dani and openly supporting her whilst not showing the same level of “support” to others.
    Why has Dani been allowed to do the majority of the “soundbite” inserts?. Even when it’s been to do with the activities of another contestant. Don’t they have the ability, or opportunity, to speak. Whilst, personally I have nothing against her and she appears to be a very nice person, it’s coming across as blatant favouritism. Even if it is not intended.
    And the latest episode, shown last night in the UK, was the one where Hayden was so unfairly hassled throughout the entire challenge and was, ultimately, ejected from the competition. Unfairly, in my opinion, in favour of the eventual winner, Kate.
    Sorry but there have simply been too many controversies surrounding season 3 and some quite partisan judging and critical comments by the judges who have succumbed every time to a display of the ultimate weapon in the armoury of the female contestants, tearful breakdowns. You never see George or Gary enthusiastically hug any male contestants in the same way they have Alana, Ellie and Dani.
    After all, it should be one practice for all or none whatsoever.
    Even though I am aware of the eventual result, I will still watch the remaining few shows. More out of seeing the controversies and bias that have appeared on Wikipedia and general media reports and blogs by fans (?) 0f the show in Oz.
    Hopefully, things will be put right for the fourth season. Unless, of course, the producers now feel that a series full of controversy and blatant bias is more popular, ratings wise, than a great and entertaining one.

  5. I am watching the series from the UK and although I have been glued to the series I am fed up with seeing the judges make bias decisions.
    It as if they want Ellie and Dani to win, yet they are not nearly as good cooks as some of the other contestants, it has turned into a joke.
    I was shocked when Jay went and since then it always seems to go with Elle and Dani what ever mistakes they make.

    There is no way Hayden should of been sent home, as there is no way Billy should of gone home on the second appearance against Kate.

    I like Kate but she is not producing the same style of cooking as some others and even worse is Ellie and Dani.
    It is such a shame as I thought this programme was amazing, but I wont watch it again beacause it is too bias towards female contestants!!

    Such a waste.

  6. The most interesting thing about this quote is that masterchef has taken yet another leaf out of MKR’s book.

    The “real people, real food…” line was always MKR’s big selling point (in fact twas their slogan) to counteract the pretentiousness of Masterchef.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen – the tables have turned – MC now stealing from MKR!

  7. Wait a second…so all those “celebrity” chefs from Sydney restaurants they paraded out in the last series were actually second-rate, according to the producers. If there is no better place for food than Melbourne, that means Sydney isn’t as good. If that’s the case, a) why don’t they film the whole show there, if it is truly “all about food” and b) why don’t more of the guest chefs/judges come from there?

    Sounds like more PR prattle.

  8. Where is Matt Moran?

    As for Matt P.. he’s getting bigger. Looking forward to the new series but honestly all they have to do is go back to the original formula of Mystery Box and Invention tests on Sunday and Pressure Test on Monday and viewers will come back. Simple and effective..

  9. Great to see Victoria taking a more prominent role in the new season of MasterChef.
    @Ryaneco: I don’t think Ten will risk running MC through the London Olympics. I reckon the show will start on Sunday, April 15, when the ratings resume after the Easter break. Assuming it will again go for 14 weeks, the finale will be shown on Sunday, July 22, 2012, just five days from the London Olympics opening ceremony.

  10. @Jack. Agreed. Way too much money spent on the last series. Too many shock-and-awe stunts at the expense of what the show should really be about – cooking that is exemplary and inspiring to viewers, with interesting contestants. The show really lost its way badly last season and if season 2012 is a repeat of 2011, the show is a goner, it will go down in a screaming heap. Also agree that MKR has diluted Masterchef’s appeal and if MKR’s 2012 season is as good as 2011’s, it will impact on Masterchef’s viewership.

  11. I thought the headline meant the entire series would be filmed in Melbourne. Wishful thinking I guess. each time they would intro a sydney based chef and the contestants would be gushing. Even after they said the name I thought ‘Who?’

  12. 2012 will be crunch time for MC, Ten need to get in ahead of MKR as that took away some of their fanbase and brought in a sense of cooking comp fatigue which has shown through with the figures on JMC. Start this too late in the year…and talk of its demise will spread….

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