More cast for Tricky Business

Debra Byrne will join Shane Bourne in Nine's new 2012 drama, Tricky Business.

Last night’s 2012 promo for Channel Nine showed a glimpse of the cast for its new drama Tricky Business.

The drama includes Shane Bourne, Debra Byrne, Lincoln Lewis, Gigi Edgely, Kip Gamblin.

Produced by Screentime, it has previously been reported to revolve around debt-collectors in Wollongong. But if it’s closer to a localised Outrageous Fortune, it will be a good thing.

Nine also indicated a new Underbelly for 2012, but without any further details.

Producer Des Monaghan said last week he was still weighing up story options for the hit drama.

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  1. it doesn’t look good but it doesn’t look bad. i don’t know why everyone saying it looks bad. you cant judge the show already it has only released 3 adds and a photo. I like to see the see the first episode. I don’t even think its like packed to the rafters either its about a business and a family packed to the rafters was about a family that just kept on growing right?

  2. Looking at the cast, it could be a family similar to Outrageous Fortune! As long as they make up their own stories and not copy any from the amazing NZ series it will be okay. Not sure Outrageous Fortune needs remaking for an Aussie audience. But if they have some similar basis and evolve their own good, otherwise I won’t be impressed! Originality was the key to the most successful NZ drama.

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