NBC approves pilot remake for The Munsters

NBC has picked up Bryan Fuller’s pilot for a new version of The Munsters.

The 60s sitcom, which ran for two seasons starring Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo and Al Lewis, is being touted as an imaginative reinvention and a visually spectacular one-hour drama. Scary.

It’s still hard to believe anybody could improve on Fred Gwynne (others have tried) but Fuller has form with the arresting Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. He is likely to shift the series from being a character comedy to a darker -and possibly twisted- take on the origins of the family.

Fuller and NBC first made an attempt to revive sitcom last year, with the network ultimately passing.

Other US remakes in development lately include Wiseguy, Bewitched, Beauty And The Beast, The Rifleman and a Dallas sequel.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Originals please hollywood! Although, as said here, Fuller has had some great work – they haven’t ever lasted too long, if only that was the intention. Fuller could do wonders for this and reinvent, but oh please why try to remake a classic!

  2. Even if you have an “edgy” director attached to it, it sill requires a green light from the money men who run the show. Most of whom these days – unlike the days of old – don’t have the biz in their blood. It’s an investment to them, so you end up with shoddy product which they have called shots on through their infinite understanding of the creative arts.

  3. I welcome this idea and can’t wait to see what happens. The original is great fun and one of my favourite shows. A remake will never be the same, but given the errors of the past I hope they will get it right. There were a two Munsters movies made in the 1990s that were better than you might expect, and much better than the 80s TV show. Have they cast this as yet? Brad Garrett would be perfect for Herman. I propose Jane Badler for Lily!

  4. My daughters (9&4yo) love watching the Addams family on YouTube. I loved it myself when i was a kid. I don’t remember actually seeing the Munsters tho.

  5. @Tony H

    Not a traditionalist but a person who is against remakes full stop. They just don’t work. There is the odd occasion they do but 99% of the time they fail. I always watch shows regardless of whether they are remakes or not but i am over seeing remakes happen because they just don’t work.

  6. The traditionalists seem very vocal here. Wait until you’ve seen it before writing it off. If you don’t like the idea, don’t watch. Re-read what was said about Masterchef Australia before it started. Or Charlie’s Angels.. the same was said about that and look how that went… think I’ll go for a lie down now.

  7. More bloody remakes? American Television is a joke. Stop with the damn remakes. Its no wonder NBC are failing because they keep trying these remakes and they fail. Kath and Kim, Prime Suspect, Bionic Woman may i go on.

  8. If Bryan Fuller decides to go for a close approximation, Brad Garrett would be a good Herman Munster. But he’s probably going left field, so it will be someone quite different, and, judging by his past casting efforts, possibly all unknowns.

  9. The haters commenting already should actually stop and consider the fact that Bryan Fuller is one of the more imaginative, yet sturdy TV producers that are currently working in Hollywood.

    While he was showrunning it, Dead Like Me was fantastic. Wonderfalls was great TV. Heroes only ever really worked as entertainment while he served on that show. And Pushing Daisies? Great TV.

    I say chillax folks. This is going to be one worth keeping an eye on.

  10. Curtis of Brisbane

    It just won’t work – dont try – imminent fail!!!!! Apart from Charlies Angels and Love Boat, look at the mess they made of Bewitched, what a disaster with Nicole Kidman giving an exceptionally poor performance within a pathetic movie. Leave the Munsters alone and lets not have another failure!!!

  11. I don’t understand why The Munsters or The Addams Family isn’t given a shot in the 5pm slot or on digital. Sure it’s in b&w and 4:3 but that didn’t hinder the huge popularity of Gomez, Morticia and co on Nine in the late ’80s.

  12. I will not watch this at all out of respect for the late great Fred Gwynne , he was and will always be the best Herman Munster , and Lily , and Grandpa theve been played by the old school.
    But bewitched , forget it , theres only one Samantha and Endora , Darrin as played by Dick York , Larry Tate ,Mrs Cravitz you can not transfer the past to the present , no matter what you do.The 60s have gone and there not coming back.
    They started bewitched again from the start and its a great show to watch even after all these decades gone by.

  13. With Charlie’s Angels being cancelled and the US version of Prime Suspect on the verge of being cancelled … you have to wonder why Networks think the viewing public wants remakes??

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