Once Upon a Time, Last Man Standing win full seasons

ABC Network (US) has ordered full seasons of new fall shows, fantasy drama Once Upon a Time and sitcom Last Man Standing.

Once Upon a Time premiered to 12.6 million viewers and features an Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) casting a spell upon a classic fairy-tale. It will air in Australia on Seven and includes Alan Dale in a recurring role.

Tim Allen’s return to comedy, Last Man Standing, premiered to 13 million viewers but while it has diminished in numbers it has still attracted a male audience. It is set to screen in Australia on Foxtel.

ABC has also extended Happy Endings to 22 episodes in its second season and ordered five more scripts for period drama Pan Am (Nine).

ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee says of Pan Am, “I think we created this amazing world and I think there’s a massive amount of goodwill behind it. We just want to make sure that in the end it’s a show that our audiences really connect to emotionally.

“It’s a great cast.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. @Jerome: “a replacement for Lost…” … sorry, but that is an insult to Once Upon A Time … this is a truely magical show and far beyond anything Lost could have been! This is a Fairy tale, not a mystery that has a lame ending.

    Also have to say that Ringer is getting better every episode … the twists are amazing!
    Never seen Last Man Standing, or Happy endings, not drawn to them at all.

  2. @Jerome, i agree, Once Upon a Time is fantastic! The reason why you might link it to Lost is mainly because it was created by the same people.

    If you notice closely, there are countless allusions to Lost within the show, such as the clock being frozen at 8:15, which, if you are as great of a Lost fan as me, is the flight number of the aircraft which crashed on the island – Flight 815.

  3. Happy Endings is good. Might be like How I Met Your Mother and grow in popularity. Haven’t watched Once Upon A Time yet. And to be honest I thought Last Man Standing was quite lame. The laugh track was too overbearing, and didn’t really seem much of a difference for Tim Allen from Home Improvement.

  4. Once Upon a Time is fantastic, love it has a full season to grow! Last Man Standing isn’t bad, it’s not really breaking any ground but it’s a pity Nancy Travis had to leave Hart of Dixie for LMS.

    Haven’t really seen Happy Endings but might have to check it out when Seven airs it. Lastly Pan Am is much better than I thought it is, I’ll just say it’s more that just a story about the airline.

  5. Once upon a time is really good. Really creative and complex. Closest show yet that could be a Lost replacement. Its the type of show that usually goes over Americans heads, so good to see it doing well.

  6. Once Upon A Time is excellent, Gimm is also excellent (it is the darker of the two), love Pan AM… but most of all I am absolutely addicted to Hart Of Dixie … brilliant!

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