Reece all by himself on X Factor

16 year old Reece Mastin silently shook his head and stared flatly at four talent show judges who argued over his performance.

Last night 16 year old Reece Mastin silently shook his head and stared flatly at four talent show judges who argued over his performance.

The X Factor singer had performed “All By Myself” complete with ‘Vegas-style’ trappings of pillars and statues. After nearly being eliminated a week earlier, it was a move by judge and mentor Guy Sebastian to show a vulnerable side to the young singer.

But the judges couldn’t agree over whether it was suited to him or not. Ronan Keating said the look on Mastin’s face showed he doubted himself. Mel B. said she thought he looked angry.

Sebastian tried to defend the song choice and his teenage protege.

Mastin stood silent, biting his lip, as they bickered without arriving at any clear direction. It was painful to watch.

Such is the format of the show that X Factor judges find it necessary to divide over contestants, or defend their own choices, rather than provide constructive criticism to a singer who is making their own artistic decisions.

Eventually when asked, he told them he was happy with the song choice.

Yes, this was Reality TV in all its glory. But when you embark on a contest of this magnitude you do have to be ready for its inglorious moments. Mastin at least, kept his cool, resisting an urge to simply walk offstage and leave them to their own silly devices.

“All By Myself” seemed to sum up the moment pretty well.

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  1. Shame on you judges, u had your say about Reece and then you all just carried on and on and on OMG. The kid did well, Id like to see a lot of you who are agreeing with the judges up there week after week giving it as good as he has. Judges get a grip. Well done Reece and Guy !!!!!!

  2. Gotta agree that Johnny could very well win the whole thing – his performances are getting better and better, and he’s obviously got a big teen fanbase out there in viewer land. He was easily the best of the 5 remaining acts last night.
    Reece did looked p*ssed off – unless a whole lot of teen girls are voting, he’ll be bottom 2 again, maybe with 3 Wishez.

  3. I agree with the judges comments. I thought that Reece looked angry throughout the whole performance, I felt that he wasnt even going to finish the song and break down at one stage. he needs to smile a bit more and learn to accept criticism.The judges should have told him to watch his performace back but they didnt. Johnny in comparison always looks happy no matter what the judges say. I also would like Reece to speak a bit more, Ive hardly heard him say two words so how can we really get to know him properly? The xtra factor which used to be on last year after the main show was great for us to get to know the contestants.

  4. I think Dan has it spot on, to late to throw his tender age of 16 in the hat as an excuse. It is a talent show and you either make it or you don’t, age is irrelevant. besides, how old are the other two boys under Guy?

    For what it is worth, Johnny had been my favorite from day one not because of the best voice but the overall ‘entertaiment value’ he puts out every week…

  5. @Tony Bee – the theme night was ‘legends’. So the songs they did were previously meant to be done by big well known names. Celine Dion is known more today than Eric Carmen (if they had have said Eric Carmen, a lot of today’s audience would have probably assumed they meant Eric Cartman from South Park).

  6. I watched the whole show last night, was good. In relation to Reece Mastin’s performance i whole heatedly agree with Mel B. She said he sounded angry, there could be two reasons for that, a) he was still angry over last weeks decision, which had Christina Parrie going home or b) he was angry at singing that song. I personally thought the performance was ok but i could definetly understand why the Judges/mentors thought that the song didnt suit him. One big reason is his age and experience or rather inexperience. Reece is only 16 or so he hasnt experienced true deep meaningful love, which that song was partly about, so he cant channel any personal experiences which would have made that performance better. Its just that the judges picked up on that, they didnt say it like i just have but they were thinking it. As for Guy’s remarks that it was a good song and he pulled it of well what else is he going to say? he is Reece’s mentor he will always be biased towards him its not like he will diss him infront of the whole nation.

  7. I agree with David – the problem is really the format. The inane squabbling of the judges is ridiculous and pathetic. The producers need to explain to them the meaning of the the word “mentor” and the fact that that doesn’t mean you have to be constantly criticizing other contestants – rather you should “mentor” and celebrate talent.

  8. You could actually hear Reece sigh like an annoyed kid being told to clean his room. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is fantastic, and normally he amazes me especially considering how young he is.
    But last night all I thought (even before Mel made comment) was that Reece was sulking through that whole song, and the judges comments. Watch it again and tell me he wasn’t annoyed about something.

  9. The problem with Reece is that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is! The so called talent on this show is embarrassing to watch, especially when the judges keep saying that they will sell millions around the world! I bet none of them do!!!
    But yes Reece was Xtra crap last night.

  10. I liked Reece’s version. Silly me, I thought Reece’s vulnerable, heartachy performance was what the lyrics required, but the judges wanted to translate that to mean he wasn’t happy with the song.

  11. I defend Guy’s decision to choose this song for Reece. After all, the most popular and talked about moment from all series of Australian Idol, and the moment that surely cemented Guy a place in the grand final which he eventually won, was when he sung “Climb Every Mounain” – a song perfromed by a nun from the Sound of Music!

    Oh, and Guy still has all three of his acts left. I think he knows what he’s doing.

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