Renewed: South Park

“Friendly faces everywhere
Humble folks without temptation….”

South Park has been renewed by Comedy Central for three more seasons, taking the show up to its 20th season.

While the show peaked in Australia many years ago, clearly it still hits a sweet spot for the US cable channel.

With such topical subjects and taboos it also never strays far from the headlines. But there’s no shortage of targets.

“I think you can do anything as long as you make it funny,” Matt Stone told the NY Daily News earlier this year.

“It has to be interesting to us,” he said. “And to be interesting to us, it’s gotta go in a different direction.”

Comedy Central president Michele Ganeles clearly agreed, saying in a statement: “The collective genius of Matt and Trey (Parker) knows no bounds.”


  1. I couldn’t be more happier. South Park going for 2 decades is fine with me. Guess the long running Simpsons jokes can now be on South Park as well.

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