Renewed: Weeds

Here’s news I didn’t expect to be filing…

Showtime has renewed Weeds for an eighth season.

The comedy starring Mary-Louise Parker will return with 13 episodes, following lengthy negotiations with Lionsgate.

Created by Jenji Kohan, Weeds is the longest-running series on Showtime and their most watched comedy.

In the season finale, which aired this week on GEM, the family was enjoying a nice dinner together in their Connecticut home, when a gunman burst in and fired on the family. But viewers don’t know who was on the receiving end of the bullet.

Source: Deadline


  1. So weeds which is past its prime gets a renewal yet United States of Tara couldn’t get one to wrap up the story properly. Clearly America needs to work on which shows they watch, and start supporting the quality ones.

  2. The 7th season restructure which was about the 4th incarnation of the show was a great improvement on seasons 4-6.

    Am curious if we can expect a coma induced time lapse between season 7-8 stories since she was shot in the head.

  3. I am still impressed by this series maybe the 7th was not as good as previous but still better then most the rubbish.
    Watching the last epp I would have been happy with a Sopranos type ending but now am very glad to find out who the shooter is,this is a major surprise but what the hell I can not hide the fact I find Miss Parker to be the Queen of that word that sounds like Milk.

  4. I enjoyed this season much more than season 6.
    Fingers crossed this is the final season though it has definately dragged on will be good to see it wrap up, it’s so far gone from its original premise these days, which isn’t a bad thing but I can see where else they can drag the characters through

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