SBS viewers unhappy over Kill Arman dumped

It's not often that viewers slam SBS over their programming, but cult show Kill Arman has some defiant fans.

Last week SBS made a decision to drop martial arts show Kill Arman after just two episodes.

But it may have moved too quickly if online comments are any indication.

Last night multiple comments were submitted to TV Tonight, complaining that the show had disappeared:

– Can’t believe Kill Arman has been dropped – after telling everyone how great it was and to make sure they all watch it this week…not good.

– Kill Arman is a great show poor decision SBS.

– After 2 episodes how can SBS judge a TV program? Dad and I loved Kill Arman!

– Now you killed Arman off TV….I hardly ever watch TV as there is always too many ads…now you take one of the only shows I like off TV…so you wonder why people go downloading things???????

– Kill Kill Arman and keep William Shatner!?! Kill Arman was an extremely interesting show for anyone studying Martial Arts, shame SBS basing decisions on ratings!

– Kill Arman is an awesome show! Maybe if they stopped showing friggin’ ads every 2 mins for 3/4 minutes at a time people would be more inclined to get into the show and what it has to offer,

– No way…. My 11 yo and 9 yo who are studying karate love this show. It was really interesting and we watched all together. Who wants to see bear pretend to be in grave danger Again! This show has a huge cult following overseas and brought us to sbs when we otherwise watch commercial tv!!!

– kill arman was really cool I loved meeting the masters and seeing the practices, could we see it on SBS2 sometime, anytime, give it a go to catch on please SBS.

– Why do you have to disappoint,,,you advertised it,,,now show it not happy SBS.

– SBS just like the other “main stream” parasites. You cannot even honor your word.

– WTF cancelled?? You suck. I was watching this ondemand every week anxiously…

– I was really looking forward to tonights episode . Was a bit shocked to see a repeat on of bear grylls.

– Just rang SBS – It has been cancelled after 2 episodes due to “poor ratings”. What a joke. Gee they really gave it a chance…

– It is awesome! Only problem is it’s disappeared after two episodes? SBS???

– Was disappointed Kill Arman episode on Karate from Japan was not shown on Monday 7th November as advertised. Will it be re-scheduled?

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  1. Very strange that SBS would pull this show from air.

    Maybe some deluded individuals dont like the title or theme of the show ?

    I just flat out dont believe poor ratings alone would have caused it

  2. I’ve got a feeling SBS dropped the show because of Arman highlighting the marxist Khmer Rouge’s genocidal crime against humanity in his Cambodia episode. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Arman about a decade and a half ago, he is the nicest of people and it is all true, he is really a party animal!

  3. Why did SBS replace Kill Arman with Bear Grylls. I’m fed up with Man Vs Wild, its the same things over and over again, only the location changes. If I do watch Man vs Wild, its only to see Bear will be injured.
    Bring back Kill Arman.

  4. You suck S.B.S. You show the same old 1/2 doz. martial arts fantasy films over & over again, (Shaw Bros. alone made well over 700 films.) finally something new, interesting & realistic comes up then bailed after 2 shots. Replaced with some tossle running around killing innocent wildlife in the name of entertainment. It’s abhorrent. Word of mouth is far more powerful than any of your marketing will ever be. You suck S.B.S. truly you do.

  5. Just got an email from SBS saying Kill Arman will return 12 January. Will be getting the DVD for Christmas anyway and will be hoping that the second series is not too far behind.

  6. Tragic, bring back Arman, a show with world culture and diversity, too much for SBS!. One show that demonstrates that at all times we are responsible for our own behaviour.

  7. According to the SBS on demand site, Kill Arman will make a return, albeit in a bizarre new time slot.

    Set your recorders for the family friendly time of midnight Thursday 12 January 2012.

    At least I know what the sound of one hand clapping is.

  8. I agree with these comments. I stumbled across KillArman and was instantly intrigued. My friends and I were looking at Wikipedia to discover more about this unique show. Hopefully they will continue with the show, otherwise I will have to grab it from JB HiFi as the Kill Arman web page reports it to be available soon.

  9. My two boys and I were devastated to find that Kill Arman had been taken off SBS. We were so looking forward to the Okinawa episode and had told our Sensei about the show. He has trained in Kapan with some of the karate experts shown in the ad. How disappointed we all werethat SBS had canned the show. It was informative for all students studying martial arts and I hope that SBS reads these reviews and puts the series back on. Who really wants to watch Bear Grills !!! Not Us !!!! Bring back Kill Arman !!!

  10. The shame of it is that Kill Arman is simultaneously insightful and entertaining.
    It contextualises each martial art culturally and historically, and reveals them as much more than bludgeoning combat sports.

    Perfect for SBS I would have thought.

    It has a nice mix of intelliegence, humour, travelog and has a longer narrative arc.
    We know Arman is going to ultimately come out second best, but the point is his growth throughout the journey.

    As an instructor of martial arts, this is a show I recommended because of the inspiring content and practitioners, for my students young and old.

    A real shame.

  11. I missed the first episode and IQ’d the second and was really pissed when the 3rd didn’t appear. However I am glad to let everyone know that the DVD is being released on the 30/11/2011 for around $30 through most distributors.

    For tose too tight to spend the coin I’m sure you’ll be asble to hire it from your local video store.

  12. Thanks a bunch SBS. Myself and a whole bunch of blokes I know were all enjoying and looking forward to this series, as most of us do martial arts of one form or another. Would have been interesting to see the different styles from this perspective.
    Very dissapointed.

  13. Considering UFC has become such a phenomenon now from its humble beginnings surely means the world has spoken? it was great to see a program like Kill Arman appear on SBS, (did’nt note much advertising though?) which presented martial arts techniques from all over our diverse planet, fascinating. SBS, please reconsider this program and give it another shot. Entertainment for all, not just martial art fans.

  14. SBS seem to be the only network that don’t use their secondary channel for programming axed from the main one. I’ve seen heaps of stuff shunted off to ABC2, 7Mate, 7Two, GEM & Go! But nothing like that happens with SBS Two.

  15. I support the other viewers who were disappointed in the axing of “Kill Arman”. Who wants to see repeats of “Bore” Grylls? Refused to watch anything on SBS last night as a protest. Bring back Arman!

  16. Ratings are often lower the day before a public holiday. Altho’ it wasn’t a national PH, I wonder whether the Melbourne Cup had an effect? Would’ve been interesting to see whether the numbers bounced back up last night. Wonder how the repeats of Tool v Wild went?

    17 comments complaining about this have been added to the two previous Kill Arman articles since yesterday. Could this be another Ready, Steady, Cook in the making? Ok, maybe not.

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