SBS viewers unhappy over Kill Arman dumped

It's not often that viewers slam SBS over their programming, but cult show Kill Arman has some defiant fans.

Last week SBS made a decision to drop martial arts show Kill Arman after just two episodes.

But it may have moved too quickly if online comments are any indication.

Last night multiple comments were submitted to TV Tonight, complaining that the show had disappeared:

– Can’t believe Kill Arman has been dropped – after telling everyone how great it was and to make sure they all watch it this week…not good.

– Kill Arman is a great show poor decision SBS.

– After 2 episodes how can SBS judge a TV program? Dad and I loved Kill Arman!

– Now you killed Arman off TV….I hardly ever watch TV as there is always too many ads…now you take one of the only shows I like off TV…so you wonder why people go downloading things???????

– Kill Kill Arman and keep William Shatner!?! Kill Arman was an extremely interesting show for anyone studying Martial Arts, shame SBS basing decisions on ratings!

– Kill Arman is an awesome show! Maybe if they stopped showing friggin’ ads every 2 mins for 3/4 minutes at a time people would be more inclined to get into the show and what it has to offer,

– No way…. My 11 yo and 9 yo who are studying karate love this show. It was really interesting and we watched all together. Who wants to see bear pretend to be in grave danger Again! This show has a huge cult following overseas and brought us to sbs when we otherwise watch commercial tv!!!

– kill arman was really cool I loved meeting the masters and seeing the practices, could we see it on SBS2 sometime, anytime, give it a go to catch on please SBS.

– Why do you have to disappoint,,,you advertised it,,,now show it not happy SBS.

– SBS just like the other “main stream” parasites. You cannot even honor your word.

– WTF cancelled?? You suck. I was watching this ondemand every week anxiously…

– I was really looking forward to tonights episode . Was a bit shocked to see a repeat on of bear grylls.

– Just rang SBS – It has been cancelled after 2 episodes due to “poor ratings”. What a joke. Gee they really gave it a chance…

– It is awesome! Only problem is it’s disappeared after two episodes? SBS???

– Was disappointed Kill Arman episode on Karate from Japan was not shown on Monday 7th November as advertised. Will it be re-scheduled?

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  1. It has been on for the last few weeks at 5.30 pm, but it looks like they take delight in frustrating people interested in martial arts, so it seems to be gone after episode 5 this time.
    Some SBS approved gem called ‘cardboard men’ seems to be programmed for next week.

  2. Here we go again,Kill arman is back on air, so, after the karate episode, SBS advertises the next episode of kill Arman will be on street fighting , but what happens? that episode is deleted, and the kendo episode is aired instead.
    SBS knows best and picks and chooses what we will and will not watch, big brother/sister to the core.
    For once, get out of the way and deliver what you advertised.
    I know this series contains very little cooking, but some of us dare to venture out of the kitchen from time to time.
    If the street fighting episode is not shown in this series, there is definitely some politically correct censorship going on.

  3. I was disappointed as well that the 3rd episode didn’t air.
    I did contact SBS and the said:

    “Kill Arman has been scheduled to continue with episode three from 12 January 2012 on SBS ONE.”

  4. I don’t know sbs you’ve done it again, you’ve taken my favourite program off the air because as I have just read, the ratings were poor who does these so called ratings the ladies sewing circle err sorry ladies but really that was a great show I attended a martial arts dojo (school) in Japan for many years so for me it would have been very very interesting had the complete been shown my school had akido kempo bodo jodo shugiritsu and iaido which would have been shown had you aired all. As a suggestion If you don’t want the show how about send it accross to one of our commercial channels make my day.

  5. What a shame sbs. Now you’ll have to take a ‘Grilling’ over axeing such a potentially entertaining and informative show. Bear Grills–not for us, back to listening to the radio and music, your arrogance offends sbs!!

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