Seven on song for a clean sweep

Susan Boyle helped Seven win Week 46 in Total People, with the network just millimetres away from claiming every single week of 2011 ratings.

There are just two more weeks in the 2011 ratings year and so far the Seven Network has won every single one in Total People. It is also leading in the three key demos.

With such a convincing performance it’s going to be a challenge for Nine and TEN to put a positive spin on their year. Those Press Releases are just two weeks away, and are likely to focus on individual shows that have floated to the top.

In Week 46, Seven had another comfortable win, while ABC again pushed TEN into fourth place.

Susan Boyle’s appearance on The X Factor (Tues: 1.57m) helped the show to top the week, lifting above the Monday sing-off (1.35m). Seven’s other performers were Sunday Night (1.2m), Seven News (Sun: 1.19m, Weeknights: 1.14m), Better Homes and Gardens (1.12m), Beauty and the Geek Australia (1.11m), and Australia’s Got Amazing Talent (1.06m).

Underbelly: Razor finished a successful season on 1.42m for Nine followed by 60 Minutes (1.42m), Celebrity Apprentice (Challenge: 1.36m, Challenge 2: 1.25m), The Big Bang Theory (1.34m), Frozen Planet (1.29m), and Nine News (Sun: 1.14m).

Doc Martin (1.37m) again scored for ABC1, with Gruen Planet (1.17m), Spicks and Specks (1.1m), ABC News (Saturday: 1.00m), The Slap (902,000), and The Hamster Wheel (852,000).

NCIS was best for TEN on 1.07m, a long way of Junior MasterChef (Sun: 820,000, Mon: 661,000), Modern Family (Rpt: 815,000, Tues: 788,000), NCIS: LA (815,000), Merlin (748,000), and Rush (731,000).

For SBS the top shows were Amazon with Bruce Parry (337,000), One Born Every Minute (323,000), The Bible: A History (322,000), and Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam (291,000).

Seven Network won with 30.3% over Nine 25.9%, TEN 19.8%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 5.7%.

In Primary Channels Seven was 21.8%, Nine 18.9%, ABC1 14.3%, TEN 13.6% and SBS1 4.8%.

7TWO topped multichannels with 4.6%, followed by ELEVEN and GO! (both 4.1%), 7mate (3.9%), GEM (3.0%), 2ABC (2.5%), ONE (2.0%), SBS2 (0.9%), ABC News 24 (0.8%), ABC3 (0.7%).

While Seven won 16-39 and 18-49 demos, Nine tied for 25-54.

Seven was victorious in all 5 metro cities.

Seven Network won each night from Monday – Saturday with Nine winning Sunday. ABC again beat TEN on four nights, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. ABC also bettered Nine on Saturday. TEN beat Nine on Tuesday.

ABC1 easily beat all other primary channels on Saturday.

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  1. I feel so sad. Looks like 9 & 10 given up on year.
    They probably still have decent show ,in their bank, too scared to release for 11.
    (david, 10-5 shows still unseen I gather ?)

    Big question is can 9 & 10 step upto the plate and deliver on promises, start shows on time and in order and leave them there for more than 3 weeks.

    For me, the answer is No. Both channels lost the plot this year and unless they find “sensible owners’ and a capable programming department, we the viewing public are scewerd.

  2. Sorry – but it’s getting boring. I hope Nine and Ten offer up some alternatives next year but if we don’t know about it yet, it probably hasn’t been commissioned and it’s November!

  3. Kenny: Seven don’t need “Still the One” which kind of sounds desperate. It kind of sounds like they’re saying “Yeah, all of this other cool stuff is happening on the other networks but we’re still the one.” I like what Seven has at the moment: “Seven. Australia’s Number One” which I think is simpler.

    I predicted three years ago that Nine may not win 2009, 2010 or 2011 but with the Olympics they will certainly win 2012 and that this would put them back on track. As we get closer to the Olympics, I’m beginning to believe that this won’t happen. Seven have an almighty lead over Nine at the moment, the kind of thing that we saw in reverse back in 2003 when Seven couldn’t catch any breaks. Although having said that, it’s still certain that 2012 will be a better year for Nine then 2011. With the help of some big shows next year, I don’t think we will see Nine lose the week by 5% but they are certainly not strong enough to beat Seven.

  4. Thanks David for the figures and especially the percentages including the individual channels and totals. I find some of them interesting. Because sometime the main channel does better than the combined figure eg. ABC1. Or vice-versa eg.Ten. So it’s good to see if that’s the case. I’m still glad Eleven going pretty well for a digital multi-channel.

  5. Hey David,

    How can we look at the daily top 50 shows ratings you were doing so beautifully before? I know you are unable to publish them here, but I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction?


  6. See here is the problem i have with the Celebrity Apprentice. It looks on paper like a hit but in fact i believe the challenge is a peak audience figure i really do. IMO its not honest and that is why i don’t see it as a massive hit but more a mediocre one which gets 1m viewers on average and sometimes a tad less.If you go through and average all of the results that is what you get. It would be like Seven going and deciding to break up each individual act on X Factor and recording it all separately or breaking up the 4 segments of the News with first 10 minutes, next 10 minutes, Sport, Weather. OzTAM need to fix this pronto but because the networks own it they let it slide. Its wrong but what do you do.

  7. Fantastic effort from Seven, I have no doubt they will win the next two weeks as well. On the other hand, many people predicted Celebrity Apprentice would flop, but it has been very successful and i’ve not heard so many people talking about a TV show for ages.

  8. @blindowl

    Demos are a very difficult thing to understand. I think only someone that actaully works in television advertising could effectively explain.

    Not to add to the confusion but there’s even sub target demos i.e grocery buyers?? Namely young to middle age women who are buying the groceries each week.. I assume they are the gold mine when it comes to advertising prices..

  9. David could you please explain to me these 16-39; 18-49 and 25-54 demos. For years I’ve looked at them and don’t understand what they mean, and what the differences between the first two (in particular) are.

    1. Demos are set so that advertisers can market products to specific groups, whether by age and/or gender. If you have a product you want to sell to people aged 16-39 you would be looking to advertise during a show that resonates with that audience (i.e. X Factor instead of Dateline). Advertisers devote most of their $$$ to 18-49 (who are likely to try new brands more than 55+) and 25-54 so networks chase these two demos the most. It’s fair to say TEN skews younger, Seven skews older and Nine is somewhere in between, although I am generalising a lot.

  10. Rightfully so, Seven have the best programs and are family-friendly (apart from Criminal Minds). Do Nine have any female-skewing shows at all?

    The X Factor has been great this year – it will be interesting to see how The Voice does. I predict a flop – their selection of judges is mediocre compared to XF. Keith Urban? Really?

  11. You’d think that heads would roll at Nine Programming wouldn’t you?
    This would have to be their worst year since television began.
    Not a good year for Ten either.
    But instead of getting rid of people, they up their salaries instead?

    Then again, the Commonwealth Bank also decided to pay bonuses, even when they slipped out of the top 3.
    And Alan Joyce gets a pay rise despite what he’s done to Qantas.

    Obviously senior management is not to blame. 😐

  12. @ [email protected],
    They clean-sweeped 2003, winning every consecutive ratings week with over 30% Audience share- simply amazing.
    Seven is unstoppable. Enough said. Nine and TEN need to pick up their game.
    As for Multis, ELEVEN is a silent achieiver. Good on it for tying with GO!.

  13. Seven has 2 weeks left. I know they can do it and it is a credit to them. There is no denying Sevens dominance in everything from the demo’s to the total viewers and the digital channels have the right balance to give them what is needed. The other networks could learn from this. TEN is basically throwing its chances away by basically copying their main channel with Eleven. Eleven is a success don’t get me wrong but that is where all TEN’s target demo has moved to in turn hurting TEN in the long term.

    Moving onto next year there is everyone going Nine will be back don’t worry but they have been saying it for the past 5-6 years and Nine are nowhere to be seen. Its fact Seven has the dominance over the rest and I don’t see anything that good coming from Nine which could impact Seven except for The Olympics which is a sure fire win for Nine. That could be the next time Nine takes an official ratings week from Seven and to be fair these days they don’t even count as official ratings weeks anyway due to the nature of the Games only being on once every 4 years. I believe they should and have been saying that forever but they are not.

  14. “Still the one, we’re still having fun and we’re stll the one”. Nine can’t use it, won’t need it for the foreseeable future, and badly needs money, so they could sell their old promos to Seven.
    @deedeedragons – Well ABC1 is only 4 points behind Nine so could have some competition there for #2. Lol.
    @[email protected] – Um, what year did Kerry Packer die?

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