Sonia Kruger, Carrie Bickmore, rumour and attribution

Let’s be clear about one thing: we are at the pointy end of the year when decisions are being made and the rumour mill is running on overdrive.

After TV Tonight‘s scoop that Sonia Kruger would host Big Brother for Nine, media were falling over themselves to chase the story. It followed a tip the day before on Ajay Rochester returning to our screens.

By about midday the Herald Sun had confirmed the tip (all without any attribution, thanks) and it ran wild on Twitter. They managed to embellish the story with the extra news that Kruger would also be given a daytime role on Nine, leading to further speculation she may replace Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

Today the newspaper says Kruger will host Mornings, possibly with Andrew Daddo.  Such a move could pit her against The Morning Show, which she has co-hosted at Seven.

When questioned she told them, “Sorry, I’ll have to speak to you soon.”

Kruger’s own Twitter feed has been silent since Friday.

The Age today also runs with the news, more generously noting: The Dancing with the Stars co-host is reportedly leaving Channel Seven to host the return of Big Brother on Channel Nine. There were gasps in the TV world at the defection, first hinted at in David Knox’s informative TV blog TV Tonight and followed up by Rupert’s tabloid, the one running the brand campaign ”Stories start here”. Knox has excellent contacts and is flattered that his blog is so well read by journalists.

Most media also failed to attribute this site’s recent story on the ABC funding being withdrawn on Top of the Lake miniseries over a casting decision.

Meanwhile another speculative move this week involves Carrie Bickmore, said to be favoured by TEN management to join the Breakfast couch in 2012.

That story was broken by MediaWeek and again re-reported by News Limited today.

“TEN are very keen to have her move across but she has a lot of things keeping her in Melbourne,” an insider told the Daily Telegraph.

Update: A TEN source tells TV Tonight there is no push to have Carrie Bickmore leave The Project to join Breakfast.


  1. Stop sucking up people! 🙂

    I would watch anything that Sonya hosts … she is fabulous!
    I will watch BB if she hosts, but will not even bother if it was anyone else … she is the best asset that any show or Network can have in Aus right now! (And for me that has nothing to do with her looks!!!)

  2. David you always bring us the good goss. I don’t believe tabloid newspapers anymore because all they do is lie lie lie. Its always TV Tonight first and foremost for me. Look at The Voice supposed judges. Not one of the ones who have been asked is actually signed yet the story in the newspapers made out they did. That goes for the host too. It all looks like it will happen but its all a case of “oh this person is doing this”

    Keep up the good job David and shame on the Australian Newspapers not acknowledging you. Its so unfair but that is the media for you.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Yes, yes but the real story is how much money did Mr Knox pay the Age’s Suzanne Carbone to plug his “informative TV blog” and to write that he “has excellent contacts”? I think you can count your lucky stars that Media Watch has finished for the year. j/k – I come here first, too and don’t bother visiting News Limited at all.

    On a related note, The Hamster Wheel had a bit last night about how a rumour about H & A hosting BB was made out to be fact by NL publications, despite H & A categorically denying it.

  4. Have to agree with all comments….the only place I go for all things TV…..a number of times I have read things here first….before so called ‘breaking news’…
    A giggle and laugh along with tmorgan and Neilo….. 😆

  5. I agree, if I want TV news, programming, ratings or breaking stories I tune into TV Tonight. David you must be looking forward to summer ratings for your hiatus/holiday! Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. (Deep ballsy voice over) “When it happens…as it happens…you’ll be glad you logged onto….TV Tonight!” (Cue David turning to camera with a head tilt and a cool wink)

  7. I find the unattractive Daddo very unlikeable and smug – worse even than Andrew O’Keefe. DAddo just bounces around networks, to and from radio, without having ever achieved anything or done anything or substance. Didn’t 9 warehouse him a while back after that horrendous afternoon news/chat failure?

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