Sunrise scoops Kim Kardashian exclusive

Timing is everything and it couldn’t be better for Sunrise, which has a Kim Kardashian interview for Thursday.

Now she has just filed for divorce, suddenly her booking on the show takes on a whole new meaning. She is set to appear live in the studio.

Executive Producer Michael Pell tells TV Tonight it is a world exclusive.

“This will be her first Live TV interview since she announced her divorce,” he says.

She will also be joined by her sister Khloe.

The interview will take place live in studio after 8am.

Fingers crossed she doesn’t cancel…


  1. So…..What are they famous for, apart from their reality show!!! Only watch 2 episodes of this show, well thats 2 hours of my life I will never get back!

  2. Why oh why play her game? Oh thats right, it’s sunrise. Why afford this oxygen thief any airtime? Thats right it might make for some better ratings. Thats all thats important after all. Perfect fit for each other. How much ass kissing will Mel and Kochie dish out on this oxygen thief?

  3. I wonder how much of it is off limits. It wouldnt surprise me if her people say the split off off limits. She also has her sister there and Khloe is the fiesty no holds back one. She will probbaly defend her.

    I reckon Mel will be nice but I hope Kochie asks the hard questions and if this marriage was a sham or not.

    Anyway good get for Sunrise because all the US shows will use this Sunrise interview for there shows. being the 1st interview and all.

    But for someone who has just sended her marriage she seems to be dealing with it by flying to the other side of the world. At least her mums not with her.

  4. I’d say Kochie and Mel will be thier usual celebrity butt-kissing selves for the interview and the topic of divorce will be carefully bypassed. They give politicians like Gillard , Abbott etc a free ride compared other networks so i’d doubt they will be giving a bimbo like Kim Kardashian a grilling. If nine got the interview they should have put laurie oaks on to her and watch her try to crawl out of that unscathed would make very entertaining viewing.

  5. I thought she wanted some privacy.Oh wait,she’s probably on the show to flog something.I’m guessing it’s not a book or DVD on How To Have A Successful Marriage.

  6. What a scoop 7’s Sunrise has. Remember when ch9’s Today said, “ohh we have Kim Kardishian in this world exclusive, right after the wedding”, well Sunrise has beat you here. 🙂 🙂

  7. And hands up who thinks Australian interviewers will be too scared to ask the big questions- why divorce after such a short time and what about the millions of dollars and the countless gifts you received for your wedding? I’m guessing Australian interviewers will be too easy on her.

    Either way, perhaps this event will get the Kardashian clan to join other “celebrity” Paris Hilton in irrelevant oblivion…

  8. it would be good if they could pre-record it at 8am and air it in primetime, 7’s Thursday schedule ould easily accomodate it. such an event interview with internationl interest seems too big for sunrise. but i’d say it won’t go ahead. she’ll want millions for a barbra walters interview and wriggle her way out of the sunrise one.

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