TEN: Rush will end “with a bang.”

TEN has confirmed the end of Rush, as previously reported by TV Tonight.

In a statement on the show’s Facebook page Executive Producer of Drama and Production, Rick Maier said:

Rush remains one of the most successful and loved drama series on TEN. We could not be more proud of all that Rush has achieved to put TEN back on the drama map, including winning the AFI Award for Best Television Drama series in 2010. You can only have praise for any drama series successfully completing four seasons. While we don’t discount a return series it is not on the cards at this stage – but we do intend to finish season four with a bang, literally.”

Series Producer, John Edwards, added: “It’s a sad fact in Australia commercial realities come in to play with all series after 65 episodes. You don’t get the tax rebate, and as a consequence producing shows of this high calibre become cost prohibitive. That said we are all incredibly proud of the series.”

In August Associate Producer Mimi Butler told TV Tonight a renewal would be tough.

“It’s very difficult with financing because we’ve hit our 65 mark,” she said.

“Funding plays part of it because you can only get the tax rebate up to 65 episodes, and we’ll get to 70. So after 65 every episode is 20% more expensive which will be the case for our last 5 episodes.”

Last week Southern Star also confirmed it had delivered 13 episodes as per the series order but a fifth season was not commissioned.

Nine’s Sea Patrol exited after 68 episodes, while Rescue Special Ops wrapped at 48. City Homicide folded with 79 but was not funded by Screen Australia. Yesterday Seven announced Wild Boys would end after just 13 episodes.

TEN Network’s remaining dramas include Offspring and Neighbours with Bikie Wars, Reef Doctors, Puberty Blues and Underground: The Julian Assange Story due in 2012.

The final episode for Rush airs 8:30pm Thursday November 17.


  1. I only just caught Rush on Hulu and fell in love with the show you all adored some 6-7 years ago.
    I don’t quite understand what that policy is about the 65 episodes; and, I apologize that you were stuck with our American reality shows. Even I can’t stand them.
    Rush was truly a wonderful series, even as I write this many years after it aired.
    I’m thankful Hulu offered it. Just sad it didn’t go on … so many unresolved issues …
    I imagine at this stage of the game, there’s no hope for any more seasons … truly sad.
    But, thanks for letting me watch your award-winning series.
    I’m trying to talk with your Aussie accent – I am so horrible – I can’t even say “no!”
    Regardless, I love your accent.
    – A Fan From America

    • When rush originally aired in Australia I started watching it from season 2. About a year ago I finally got the chance to go back and watch season 1 and got reminded what a good show it was. I too wish it continued, there were so many unanswered questions. Sadly its been a long time since they made a good cop drama in Australia.

      Not sure how easily you can access Australian drama in the USA but if one of the streaming services you subscribe to has the kettering incident you may want to give that a go.

  2. Rush: Huge fan of cop shows and Rush was number one. What a sad day, but money rules and we can all look forward to more dumb reality shows.
    Miss you Rush. Fantastic cast.
    Canadian Fans

  3. Rush was a good show and i liked how the last season was one big episode. It could of easy been a hit next season. The big disappointment was the series finale, i thought it was suppose to end with a big bang….more like a fizzle!

  4. No wonder there is so much american series shown, when our own network will not finance rush because it has hit 65 episodes. Yet channel 10 was happy to put their hand out to receive advertising money throughout the 65 episodes. Time to step up channel 10, this is why you are not the strongest network in australia.

  5. How can this be?! Australia has fallen in love with the cast and the plot still has more to reveal!! This is BS. this is my favourite show next to top gear. I’m gutted.

  6. So upset that Rush has been axed!! What is channel ten doing?? It is the Best show on
    Tv, has an amazing cast, so why get rid of it?? Please please give it another season! It’s the only decent show. So so sad!

  7. I can not believe that Rush will not return. Absolutely gutted. Great show, amazing cast, written well. How can it be taken away when the show gets it right every week. Very disappointing. Just when it was gaining great hype…

  8. Channel ten is greedy was thinking if all the long running shows McLeods daughters, Flying Doctors, hey hey from channel nine. All saints, Blue heelers, a country practice from channel seven and can’t remember one from ten, they’ve even passed on Neighbors to eleven.

    Ten has never had many aussie dramas too many reality shows.

    I hope people stop watching ten and watch the other channels support the ones that pay the shows themselves.

  9. worst decision ever!!
    If Ten brought it back next yr and put on when all programs are firing like early in the yr it would be alot ore successful, unfortunately Ten brought it back when it had destroyed every program on its network by moving shows around and changing timeslots!! And this is evident by shows like Modern family glee, tbyg and so many more are all doing alot worse than last yr. Now yes you can take away a few for channel 11 coming in but it’s not enough to lose over 500,000 for all. And the only program still pulling the numbers is Ncis which hasnt been moved in yrs!! Take a hint Ten!
    Since Rush was back it should have been new svu8.30 and rush 9.30 from the start! Ten will only get praise if they decide to return it next yr.

  10. I am devastated at the axing of this quality Australian drama.. How can our commercial stations be over infested with American trash, when our own Network refuse to finance one of our finest shows ever? How many CSI’s and NCIS’s can we watch? And why can we afford to pay for them and not support our own industry. Our Australian Film Industry is next to none and we are failing it by our apathy and lack of support! Maybe our other networks need to jump in and save the day? I dont care how its done, but something needs to be done, its imperative for the future of the industry!

    • I’m from America and just enjoyed the 65 episodes of Rush. I agree with you … Awesome show; and, I apologize that you are stuck with our trash! I hate all of our reality tv shows. They’re taking over the networks!!! I hope your Channel 10 changes their policy, or that another station picks up the show. It’s really done quite well. I feel like I know the characters.
      Again, sorry you’re stuck with our trash.

  11. @Phil – pretty sure there’s been numerous times that according to the ratings system Rush has gotten past a million viewers. Just not this latest series.

  12. Sad to see Rush coming to an end. It is a great show.
    And I wish the government would support Australian TV shows because some Australian shows should last more than 65 episodes.

  13. I’ve watched Rush since the first season, though only the first two episodes of this season, you know why? because i knew that the idiots who ruined network ten would axe this quality show and that i’d rather buy the dvd once it came out then suppourt Fox Australia

  14. @Anthony Mai – Of course people who “bag out” Rush don’t watch it every week. Mainly because they don’t like Rush and normally when you don’t like a TV show you don’t make yourself watch it every week. I can’t stand a number of TV shows (Whitney, Chuck Lorre sitcoms) and just because I haven’t seen every episode doesn’t make my criticism of them any less valid.

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