The Chaser boys back in 2012

The ABC has sent out on RSVP list of stars who will attend their 2012 Programming Launch later this month.

It indicates The Chaser boys are back for 2012, presumably with more Hamster Wheel (but that’s yet to be confirmed).

Judith Lucy will also return with a new show while Josh Thomas has a new ABC project.

Rake fans will finally get their second season with Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day and Caroline Brazier attending.

The RSVP list also includes Adam Hills, Russel Howcroft, Marieke Hardy will also attend along with Don Hany, Diana Glenn (both are appearing in Jack Irish).

Also attending are Rena Owen, Suzannah Bayes-Morton, Aaron Fa’aso from The Straits, Frank Woodley and Justine Clarke (both appear in Woodley, originally due in 2011).

Other guests include:

· Andrew Denton
· Amberley Lobo, Kayne Tremills and James Elmer – ABC3
· Kristy Best – Sunday Best
· James Rees – Giggle and Hoot
· Jennifer Byrne – Jennifer Byrne Presents
· Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton – At The Movies
· Poh Ling Yeow – Poh’s Kitchen
· Bajo and Hex – Good Game
· Mark Corcoran – Foreign Correspondent
· Steve Cannane – The Drum

Full programming highlights will be available soon.


  1. The new series of returning shows on ABC1 from the 2012 Programming Launch: A Quiet Word with…, Artscape, At the Movies, ABC News Breakfast, Australian Story, Big Ideas, BTN, Business Today, Catalyst, Foreign Correspondent, Four Corners, Gardening Australia, Insiders, Inside Busines, Landline, Lateline, Lateline Business, Media Watch, Message Stick, Offsiders, Q&A, Rage and ABC For Kids.

  2. Always happy to see The Chaser boys, and I think The Hamster Wheel is a cracking show. I’m less enthused about Judith Lucy – I’d really need to know what they’re planning.

  3. I preferred The War and CNNNN to the Hamster Wheel. HW is pretty run-of-the-mill IMO, the only part I genuinely found clever was that sketch they did on The Slap.

  4. “Hamster Wheel is the boys at the height of their game”

    Maybe, but they seem boring and predictable following Gruen Planet . Similar idea but Gruen executes it so much better.

  5. Hamster Wheel is the boys at the height of their game, WoE alienated so many older, more conservative viewers whereas Hamster feels at least the tiniest bit more mature, and without the in-your-face nature of it. Kudos to them!

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