the family: Dec 1

To coincide with the broadcast of an episode of the family tomorrow night, SBS conducted an online survey that claims 1 in 5 Australian parents don’t believe it’s acceptable for young people to have sex before marriage.

The survey of 500 parents with children aged 0-34 still living at home, revealed that whilst 60% of Australian parents believe they should speak to their kids about the ‘birds and the bees’ between the ages of 10 and 12, 20% of parents believe their children should wait until they are married before having sex.

In tomorrow night’s episode of the family, 20-year-old David Cardamone is annoyed that he is forbidden from sleeping in the same room with his girlfriend Jess in the family home.

David Cardamone said: “Even though it is frustrating to not have the freedom I know other young guys my age in relationships enjoy while still living at home, I know that while I live under Mum and Dad’s roof I have to abide by their rules. What they say goes until I move out.

“As I have a great relationship with my parents and find I can talk to them about all topics including sex, I understand where they are coming from with the rules they enforce on me when Jess stays over. I also understand being the eldest that they make me an example for my brothers.”

Despite these pretty admirable thoughts, in tomorrow night’s episode Cardamone is far less polite about being banished from his own bed, because girlfriend Jess is staying over.

the family airs 8:30pm Thursday on SBS ONE.


  1. re: the survey
    only 20% of parents believe their children should wait until they are married before having sex? That’s surprisingly low. The explanation to that might be the fact that the parents themselves had sex before getting married, therefore felt it would be hypocritical to vote otherwise. #guiltybecausewedidit

  2. Maev....Sydney

    When I found Unforgettable was a repeat….I flicked over to Family….half and hour was all I could cope with….painfully boring…..sorry….I tried to like it….

  3. @Shocking TV, you took the words right out of my mouth, only I watched it for the full hour. What bogan’s they are. The eldest brother just sat in the house whilst the second eldest was entertaining outside. He didn’t bother to go and introduce himself to his brother’s new girlfriend. And how come they never speak in complete sentences?

  4. yeah i agree. it did seem to drag on.

    i really enjoyed the english version of this, i cant remember if it was for half and hour or a full hour, but i enjoyed it immensely. i cant wait to see more of this show.

  5. haha moanique! 🙂

    i watched half of the ep this morning, it was not bad! i originally thought it would be better with daughters so they could bring some drama, but since they do have girlfriends, i’m sure some drama will be created along the way.

  6. I’m sorry but this show is just plain unadultered boring and banal. Watched for 10 minutes and gave up. I know it is supposed to be an ordinary every day family but the producers could have at least found an intesting “every day” family. Dull.

  7. Moanique in Brisbane

    @ sarah h, well I just had to facebook him too, and i’m even more impressed after looking at all the photos, but I do love Italians 🙂

  8. “The survey of 500 parents with children aged 0-34 still living at home, revealed” The thought of a 34 year old still living at home makes me shudder!

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