TiVo appoints new boss

Former Hybrid TV chief marketing officer Tim Boys has been appointed as the new general manager for TiVo in Australia and New Zealand.

Minicola, who started at Hybrid TV in late-2008, left the position after her contract ended last month but remains on the Board of the company, which is owned by Seven West Media and TVNZ.

“I will continue my involvement in the company following my appointment as a director of Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Limited. In this capacity I look forward to remaining involved with the business which means absolute continuity of leadership and strategy for staff, suppliers and customers.”

This week TiVo released a new TiVo XL will offer a 1Terabyte (TB) in recording capacity.

Source: IF, Current


  1. TiVo needs to get serious in Australia. Even calling the ‘new’ 1Tb unit an XL makes people think they are getting the Premier XL from overseas. They do have the best DVR (so simple my Mum can use it – and loves it), but they need to advertise, new models and have some faith.

  2. T-Box isn’t quite as fully featured as the TiVo. Can only record one channel at a time despite 2 tuners for some reason.

    Fetch TV on other hand has a lot of features that beat TiVo however when you add up the monthly subscription cost that the ISPs charge on a 2 year contract, it’s a bit more costly (compared to 320G TiVo).

    The TiVo XL is way expensive. It’s like $200 more for a 1TB drive.

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