1. @Jerome they weren’t flops they ran in a different timeslot to FP, look at commercial share aswell as demos to make a fair assessment.
    Actually while I’m on this, nobody ever quotes commercial share these days? Surely this is a better gauge of how a show goes?

  2. Watched 2 shows last night Frozen Planet then JMC.I didnt mind Frozen Planet even though i was going to avoid it , note to self , dont be reincarnated as a lemming.JMC was disappointing last night , but didnt rate too bad all said and done , wonder if tonights episode , Disneyland , will pull the magic million, not taking bets.

  3. Nine made a mistake taking off Person of Interest which would have gotten 600k easily. And they have potentially lost some impatient viewers when it returns.

  4. @Craig, it is unlikely any more episodes will be made of terra nova after this run.

    I think if ringer was on 11 it could have been a centrepiece show for the channel in an 8:30 slot and it probably would get similar ratings than it is getting on ten now.

    can someone explain why madagascar, Inside the Human Body, Polar Bear: spy on the ice and Ocean Giants all flopped badly while Frozen Planet is a hit? had all the others aired on foxtel first? i know great migrations did, which is probably why that flopped.

  5. bettestreep2008

    Lachlan has full support from Gina and his dad Rupert.

    As long as Andrew Bolt is on – Gina is happy and as long as viewers desert Ten to go to Foxtel, his daddy is happy.

    Pity he hasn’t realised that viewers are also switching over to Nine, Seven and ABC – not just Foxtel.

    Ten is just another One.tel – waiting to go bankrupt.

  6. Haven’t watch Underbelly since mid way though the first series, I really don’t see the attraction. Ouch for Body of Lies, more than a million viewers would rather do something else than watch Leonardo DiCaprio.

    I really think TEN will not be bringing back Terra Nova or Ringer on Sundays (on the main channel) in 2012, very bad numbers.

    So Nine has an early lead this week, but I’m sure Seven will close the gap in no time.

  7. Some shows these days actually get a lot more viewers when you factor in time-shifted viewing and DVRs.

    One example being Terra Nova which got 779k last time it aired, rose to 973,000 with time-shifted viewing. That’s an increase of 194,000 viewers!!

    Ringer gets around 500k with DVR playback included, while Hawaii Five-O went from 567k two weeks ago to 706k.

    That’s not even counting people who watch online, or download

  8. Why don’ they do the next Underbelly here in Adelaide. Plenty of material, bikie wars with the New Boyz gang, Bodies in Barrels (snowtown) the numerous Hindley Street battles and stabbings, surely there’s some storylines there.

  9. Moanique in Brisbane

    I really enjoyed Underbelly Razor, and thought they did a good job of recreating the era with good sets, costumes and cinematography. I would like to see the next Underbelly take on the subjects of the Fitzgeral Inquiry in QLD.

  10. Worst. Finale. Ever

    I personally would’ve preferred the producers to re-write history to make things more interesting than they actually were. The promos for this kept saying this is how it all ends but nothing did end, everyone just packed up and went their separate ways.

    I still enjoyed the series as whole though

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