1. “That was one of the worst hosting jobs i’ve seen by Lane Calcutt. Any reason why he was chosen to host it?”

    Because Daryl Somers was otherwise engaged.

  2. I’m glad the hosts outsourced some of the jokes to The Chaser as their clips from The Hamster Wheel were the only ones getting laughs. But at least Yalda Hakim provided the eye candy.

    SBS couldn’t lose the new Walkley Documentary Award as every nomination was from them. Good addition for 2011. I guess The Tall Man won’t take long to reach television screens once it finishes in cinemas? It look good enough to pay for though…

    PS: I’m glad Julian Assange got an award. It shows how flexible the Walkley’s can be & demonstrates how important an organistion like WikiLeaks can be for international journalism.

  3. @Rutzie. Agree. Guess he lives in Brisbane, needed the money (or the exposure to those of us who have never heard of him), and no chance of having to present an award to himself.

  4. Oh man hosting an awards night [ like heading up a game show , tonight show or any hosting gig for that matter ] looks easy but is is the toughest of them all .

  5. Channel Nine. Oh yeah. Were it not that they had been invited to provide presenters they wouldn’t have scored a mention. Congratulations SBS, ABC, 7 & TEN.
    Hey, I’ve got an idea for next year. What about a new “Best Faked News Story”? And the winner is….The Nine Network!!!! (cue fake/canned applause).

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