Big Brother house still undecided

The location of the Big Brother house is yet to be settled as interests try to wrest it away from Dreamworld.

Both Fox Studios at Moore Park in Sydney and Movie World on the Gold Coast are hoping to be chosen as the site of the new-look Nine series. Just as long as it’s away from Corey Worthington.

“(Nine) were looking to base it in Sydney to separate their Big Brother from Channel 10’s,” an insider tells Confidential. “But the reality is the Queensland theme parks are the perfect place, in terms of people being able to get up close to (the house).”

As well as the basic infrastructure needed for the house, crew and production facilities, the venue also needs an adjacent stage for the eviction shows. The Queensland location also ensured housemates were more prone to shed plenty of clothing.

Movie World is said to be leading the negotiations, but it said it was not in a position to comment yesterday. Nine said a location was yet to be decided.

The new series to be hosted by Sonia Kruger will reportedly be a downsized version set to air post-Olympics.


  1. @Juanet: If your going to ramble on, please try to at least use correct grammar and not contradict your husband! I highly doubt Anna Bligh has made any comment on the potential locations of a future Big Brother house..

  2. To @H B

    Anna beligh does want big brother show to be base at Dreamworld the goldcoast. So its no mistake that the show will be at the same place. It also helps bring more tourism to dreamworld and near by theme parks such as movieworld and wet n’ wild which pretty much are not far from dreamworld.

    (i apoligies for the long comments ive made previewsly*)

  3. It either has the potential to do really well or crap. Not sure why Nine is taking such big risks… and it’s not like they can just axe this show mid way.

  4. Not sure why folks get so upset about shows being based in Sydney.
    Afterall, it is where the networks are headquartered.

    If it wasn’t for Victorian (and to some extent QLD) parochialism among some viewers, then you can be sure that even more production would come out of Sydney.

  5. sam (juanet wife)

    I heard over 4 months ago when Anna bligh had a speach in regards to the create new jobs and i believe if im not mistaken she also indicated that she is quite happy to bring back big brother reality tv show into queensland to bring more tourism and also creates new jobs here on the goldcoast.

    So that was talked about during her speech on the floods in queensland and that when things where settle she spoke about it on the morning show sometime ago this year.

    So i believe it will be at the same place a the goldcoast. I mean its a big space to work on. No need to deal with whos land it is and so on if only there is enough space there to built the temporary big brother house.

    It will be at the back side of dreamworld as it allways have been.

    The problem is… whos dare to go over there and sneak in and take some photos and see whats really going on.

  6. Here’s a solution – “Block Brother”. Contestants renovate a set of South Melbourne terraced houses in which they are imprisoned until it is sold at profit.

    Nine, if you’re interested, we need to talk.

  7. better hurry up and decide nine the show is supposed to start in 7 months that isnt to long to decide where you want to have it then build the joint along with the production buildings and the eviction stage

  8. Great update thank you. Well of first i believe it will still be at dream world. Due to the fact its big land there and the house is only made temporary and theres plenty room for even more to built at. Building a big brother hosue at fox studios in sydney will be imposible.. Sure they could but not enough space and the stage arena. Unless they use the old shelters across the area. But my theory has to be in queensland and of course dream world otherwise perhaps it would even be next to wet n’ wild theme park which is connected next to movieworld next to it and its not far from dreamworld.

    The ideal was that it makes more tourist and people to come visit dream world and because of big brother there behind the bushes. So dreamworld needs big brother help there for they want the house to be built there so that dreamworld at the same time is the place to have lots of fun.

    Traditionally is that big brother been right next door to dreamworld is the ideal because this big brother reality tv show is very atracted to younger audience and there for a theme park next door would be the ideal to kill time before comming into the arena stage of big brother whenever there is of these eviction nights and so on.

    So i still believe big brother will be at the same location. Its an ideal easiest quickest way to built the house large space temporary done. Doing so at sydney fox studios would be all sqaushy.. they allready own channel V there.. i think.

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