Big budget ABC children’s series trimmed down

ABC's $14 million children's series Resistance has been reduced in output amid production delays.

ABC’s $14 million children’s series Resistance has been reduced in output amid production delays.

The futuristic 26 x 30min series, a co-production between new production company Persistence Productions and Shaftesbury Films of Canada, will now be cut down to an unspecified number of episodes, with a delay due to story changes and script rewrites.

The series produced by Andrew Dillon and Geoff Bennett was originally due to begin a 23-week shoot in October, trumpeted as the first major production for South Australia’s  new Adelaide Studios complex.

The ABC has confirmed that production will begin at the end of the first quarter of 2012, subject to script approval, with a shorter shoot.

Persistence Productions is a special purpose vehicle set up by Sydney-based That’s–A-Wrap Productions (IF Awards).

Source: IF

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  1. For sci-fi to be good, it needs to raise some mature and adult subject matter. This is the hallmark of the genre and people expect it. I fear that the ABC will make this series too PC and ruin it.

  2. Not sure the ABC should be in complex high budget financing mash-ups like this. The ABC should be the lead broadcaster in series it commissions, not just another voice at an already too-crowded table. It’s a recipe for disaster – and it sound like the problems have already started. Why can’t ABC kids drama just get on with commissioning a range of contemporary, relevant drama for our kids made by our producers? The Dance Academy model is good – but we’re now onto a third season. What else is being developed internally by that department? This sci-fi thing sounds a bit ridiculous anyway.

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