Chrissie Swan quits The Circle

Chrissie Swan has quit TEN morning show The Circle to focus on radio and family.

Gold Logie nominee Chrissie Swan has quit TEN morning show The Circle.

After two years as part of the ensemble, Swan will focus on radio at Melbourne’s MIX 101.1.

“I’m a mum of two little boys under three, and I don’t want to miss a moment of them. ‘The Circle’ is the most fun I’ve ever had at work and I will miss it like crazy, but at this time in my life with two kids not even old enough for kindergarten, I had to make the tough decision of family time over work,” she said.

“I feel VERY fortunate that I’ve been able to switch from a new love (TV) to an old love (radio) and address the gaping hole in my work/life balance.

Swan is the second of the team to depart, following veteran Denise Drysdale retiring from the show in the last week of its 2011 season.

The switch places more focus on potential changes to TEN’s female presenters with rumours abounding about Sarah Murdoch and Carrie Bickmore. Swan’s name has also been thrown into a crowded Breakfast shortlist.

Swan, who came to prominence via Big Brother, earned her media stripes in regional radio and has previously told TV Tonight she still loves the medium.

Via The Circle she landed a Gold Logie nomination, and recently gave birth to her second child.

“My new role on the MIX 101.1 breakfast program will give me the flexibility to volunteer at kindy tuck shop, be around for story time at the library and to watch Bananas In Pajamas in real time – all the things I was simply not able to do while working on The Circle.

“The MIX 101.1 breakfast show will be incredibly fun, challenging and satisfying.”

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  1. Chrissie is a busy girl now with two pikelets under 5…she had to leave to bring them up properly..it’s not just two hours work…lots of production time involved….I think Collette Mann and Colin Lane bounce off the other girls really really well…we need really good comedians and these two would make the show….Collette’s not fake, she’s real, a big real lady who people love…enjoy her humour, she works well on The Circle and Colin brings in a male perspective with his funny sense of humour…bring it on The Circle 2012!!!

  2. So sad to see Chrissy leave as I think Yumi & Chrissy bounced off one another so well.I loved all the girls together.Understood why Denise wanted to retire but I am really disappointed Chrissy has not come back.Love Gorgi as well they are all entertainers in their own right.Bring back Colin he is an absolute scream on the couch with the ladies.If it is channel 10’s fault they will pay.
    Good Luck Chrissy.

  3. I don’t also get to watch as work shifts but used to love watching Chrissy and missed it she was on mat leave, she does come across as real! I agree she made the show and will be a huge loss. I find I am not tuning in as much,

  4. I am so sorry to see Chrissie leave and Denise. I agree with Michelle; can’t stand Collette Man very fake. And not Sarah Murdoch, so bloody charisma what so ever.
    Chrissie was the heart and the soul of the show, the other girls are Ok but Chrissie has such heart. Wishing her all the best

  5. I didn’t realise that Chrissy wasn’t coming back. I have been patiently waiting. It’s so disappointing. The show has lost its chemistry! I would hate to think that competiveness amongst the cast was the reason, but unfortunately jealousy and bullying are all too common in the workforce. Don’t let it hold you back Chrissy!

  6. I had no idea chrissie & denise had left the show….it certainly has lost the spark without these two there…i too find myself changing channels with certain people are on….cant stand collette mann, she tries to be funny but ends up just coming across as “fake”…..chrissie & denise are both talented and funny….my mornings are just not the same anymore….denise scott is great to watch as well as colin lane….i wont be voting for the circle to win a logie this year…..

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