Chrissie Swan quits The Circle

Gold Logie nominee Chrissie Swan has quit TEN morning show The Circle.

After two years as part of the ensemble, Swan will focus on radio at Melbourne’s MIX 101.1.

“I’m a mum of two little boys under three, and I don’t want to miss a moment of them. ‘The Circle’ is the most fun I’ve ever had at work and I will miss it like crazy, but at this time in my life with two kids not even old enough for kindergarten, I had to make the tough decision of family time over work,” she said.

“I feel VERY fortunate that I’ve been able to switch from a new love (TV) to an old love (radio) and address the gaping hole in my work/life balance.

Swan is the second of the team to depart, following veteran Denise Drysdale retiring from the show in the last week of its 2011 season.

The switch places more focus on potential changes to TEN’s female presenters with rumours abounding about Sarah Murdoch and Carrie Bickmore. Swan’s name has also been thrown into a crowded Breakfast shortlist.

Swan, who came to prominence via Big Brother, earned her media stripes in regional radio and has previously told TV Tonight she still loves the medium.

Via The Circle she landed a Gold Logie nomination, and recently gave birth to her second child.

“My new role on the MIX 101.1 breakfast program will give me the flexibility to volunteer at kindy tuck shop, be around for story time at the library and to watch Bananas In Pajamas in real time – all the things I was simply not able to do while working on The Circle.

“The MIX 101.1 breakfast show will be incredibly fun, challenging and satisfying.”


  1. I had ‘The Circle’ series linked on Foxtel for those two years, and for one reason only, Chrissie Swan. I fell in love with her way back in the days of Big Brother…

    With both Denise and Chrissie leaving ‘The Circle’ I will no longer bother tuning in again 🙁 This is a huge loss to the ‘The Circle”.

    They will need some pretty good replacements to continue to be a success.

  2. So now Ten have to find three female hosts for Breakfast and The Circle combined. That’s a lot of casting. The Circle producers need to find two women to stay on fulltime, five days a week to give the show some consistency. A single, younger girl could be good to the mix and then a slightly older funny woman type like Jane Kennedy could be good.

  3. seriously – its a show that comes a distant third in its timeslot(under 100, 000 viewere! more prople watch commutiy 31 channel in primetime!)… and she is a ex reality star … who cares?

  4. What a real loss!! The rapport she had with Yumi really brought something special and they’ll find it hard to replace. At least it might give some new talent a go.

  5. Massive shock!! She was the only reason I watched! And she really seemed happy there too!

    Hopefully she has some small role on next year’s BB.

    I guess it will be back to the morning show for me.

  6. That’s pretty mental news, but goodluck to her.

    I have it on good authority she took a big pay cut from radio to TV and Ten were paying her very little and refusing to up. I bet Mix was beating them by a long, and she gets her kids:)

    happy day for Chrissie, well done.

  7. Nooooo!!! She was the best thing about it!! Im shocked and saddened. (Shhh anyone who thinks thats lame)

    First Denise now Chrissie?? They brought the laughs.

  8. Although she will be a massive loss to the show, it’s great to see she has her priorities right and wants to be there for her kids. Good on her, all the best Chrissie!

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