Chrissie Swan quits The Circle

Chrissie Swan has quit TEN morning show The Circle to focus on radio and family.

Gold Logie nominee Chrissie Swan has quit TEN morning show The Circle.

After two years as part of the ensemble, Swan will focus on radio at Melbourne’s MIX 101.1.

“I’m a mum of two little boys under three, and I don’t want to miss a moment of them. ‘The Circle’ is the most fun I’ve ever had at work and I will miss it like crazy, but at this time in my life with two kids not even old enough for kindergarten, I had to make the tough decision of family time over work,” she said.

“I feel VERY fortunate that I’ve been able to switch from a new love (TV) to an old love (radio) and address the gaping hole in my work/life balance.

Swan is the second of the team to depart, following veteran Denise Drysdale retiring from the show in the last week of its 2011 season.

The switch places more focus on potential changes to TEN’s female presenters with rumours abounding about Sarah Murdoch and Carrie Bickmore. Swan’s name has also been thrown into a crowded Breakfast shortlist.

Swan, who came to prominence via Big Brother, earned her media stripes in regional radio and has previously told TV Tonight she still loves the medium.

Via The Circle she landed a Gold Logie nomination, and recently gave birth to her second child.

“My new role on the MIX 101.1 breakfast program will give me the flexibility to volunteer at kindy tuck shop, be around for story time at the library and to watch Bananas In Pajamas in real time – all the things I was simply not able to do while working on The Circle.

“The MIX 101.1 breakfast show will be incredibly fun, challenging and satisfying.”

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  1. Chrissie was The Circle. No one will ever replace her. She’s one in a million. They will need a funny lady and Sarah Murdoch definitely won’t cut it. She is not funny. Pay Chrissie a squillion to come back or the show will die.

  2. whatever the truth is, Denise (my gen) lovely bit of a dag, but Chrissie made that show Ms Yumi already looks a bit uptight esp. when she announced them as ‘moving on’ watch the ratings drop, as for Sara Murdoch OMG like she needs the money, stay home with your kids and let someone more deserving have a go!

  3. Well the real story is that Denise/ Chrissie left as they felt pushed to the side. There will be no replacement as it looks like Georgie & Yumi are now the front women.
    Lets not be naive one could clearly see faction in the works? IWhy did Denise leave & why would Chrissie leave behind a well paid job & choose a radio career move?
    We won’t really know the real truth as it will efect the show.Yes we have heard the same ole story the children & lifestyle but it will be hard for Chrissy to get back in as new people in this business are being replaced all the time. Its a very fickle industry. This will make or break the show in the end

  4. What a shame Chrissy Swan has left the Circle. She was a breath of fresh air. I think she has let her fans down by leaving & all the people that voted for her last year in the Logies.
    Surely the 2 hours out of her day, was still enough to concentrate on her little boys. The show won’t be the same now & also now Denise has gone. I thought Chrissy made the show. Gorgi & Yumi are nice but not in the same calibre as Chrissy.
    Collette would be good & I saw one comment re Julia Morris but neither is Chrissy.

    I think the show will lose something without Chrissy & Denise. I wish her well but she will be sadly missed.

  5. Loved Chrissie on the Circle & was devastated to see she has gone. It won’t have the same pull for me and this is not to take anything away from Yumi & Georgi who are great in their own right. How about Colin as a permanent replacement – he gives the show another great dimension and is hilarious!

  6. I used to watch this show at the start but then found it got boring as there were too many changes with the hosts, you never knew who was going to be on. I thought the four women were so happy working together, but it seems money has a lot to do with it. Denise was hardly ever there and Chrissie went overboard sometimes the way she carried on. I think Colleen Mann would do an okay job but I dont think the show will last long. Look at the women on The View, they are always consistant and entertaining.

  7. Noooooo!! 🙁 I agree, she made that show!!! But I can totally understand having two very young boys myself. She will be missed!! Pity about Denise as well. I agree Jane Kennedy would be a good addition…..but who could fill Chrissie’s shoes??? Will be giving next years show a go but not sure if it will be half as good…..

  8. honestly this is the best X-mas present this year. Finally I might actually watch the circle for once without this poor excuse of TV ‘talent’ on our tube. She annoyed the S#!& out of me in big brother and should have never have been given on-air TV roles. She makes Hotdogs look like ray martin. And the fact that this Gold logie nominee (with a national viewership of 50K) is giving up national TV for local radio see that the folk @ TEN dont rate her either. BYT I noticed that MIX fm still haven’t found a co-host, that’s because no-one wants the job. How do I know? i asked Dicko!

  9. its not good news for the circle as chrissie and denise were both very funny on the show and morning tv really needs that otherwise its just bland. hope they get some funny ladies to replace them

  10. Hmmm didn’t Peter Ford say she was auditioning for the Breakfast role?

    It’s a shame she won’t have an on air farewell. Maybe they can coax Denise out of retirement again while the show regains some stability.

  11. She will be missed but it’s wonderful that she has Her priorities met, not ours. All the best Chrissie, Chippie & mini Chippies 😀 BTW I think comedian Tania Lacy would be a great team member 😀

  12. Wow that is a huge loss. Christie and Denise where such down to earth presenters that viewers really associated with. Big losses to fill. The four where a great cross section mix. Good luck Ten.

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