ELEVEN in the hunt for new music host

Despite axing the long-running Video Hits format, TEN is set to return music and entertainment to Saturday mornings -this time on ELEVEN.

Scotty Tweedie, best known as host of ABC3’s Prank Patrol, will front an unnamed Saturday morning show next year.

Network TEN chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “We think an interactive music and entertainment program of this nature fits in perfectly with the demographic ELEVEN is focused on. It’s a fresh, forward thinking format that not only showcases the best of the entertainment industry, but also embraces the wonderful technology we have available to us now.”

ELEVEN is currently searching for a female co-host to join Tweedie via a ‘Hunt For A Host’ online campaign.

A statement says: ‘Our casting call goes out to all ladies over 18 with a firm grasp of pop culture, and a bank of music knowledge. To get their foot in the door, bright and edgy hopefuls must head to the Eleven Music website and upload an audition piece by Thursday 15 December. The winner will be chosen the following week, and set into the mix with Tweedie.’ That’s fast!

Tweedie, who has also hosted Studio 3, 3on3 and the 2011 Trop Jr Festival, added, “I think every Australian kid grew up watching music programs on the weekends, to be a part of one that’s so dynamic is really exciting. As for my new host, I can’t wait to meet them! My start on TV came through winning a competition, so it will be great to show someone else the ropes.”

More info is at www.eleven.com.au/hunt-for-a-host.htm (check out the cheeky video).


  1. Choose Amanda Grafanakis!! your on a winner then! bright,different,quirky,pretty,charismatic-if you don’t choose her you have lost out big time!! her music and voice is great too:)

  2. Armchair Analyst

    This is good news it hasnt been the same since VH went of air. Hopefully this “new” music show will have a good name, I dont want crapy names which have nothing to do with music, Eclipse is crap and Hit List TV is crap also, Rage doesnt even make sense. Video Hits as a music name made more sense for obvious reasons. I personally think they should just purchase a syndicated music show from overseas such a Ministry of Sound considering dance music is big at the moment. They probably will not because of the Australian Content points which they are likely going for. Oh yes this latest decision by the idiots at Ten just goes to show that they didnt have to axe VH they just could have sold it to a outside production company. They would have happily done it.

  3. Video Hits was getting old on TEN but now there’s a new music show on ELEVEN with two new hosts but the music videos that Ten has can move them over to ELEVEN.

  4. If it follows the charts then I’m all for it.. I got sick of all the out dated and obscure music that was on Video Hits around the time I stopped watching..

    I agree that there should also be a later time show on Saturday with dance music or remix songs …

  5. Video hits had it’s time, 24 years intact. It will be good to see what eleven can do with this. At the end of the day there is only so much scope you can play on a music show, because the viewers just want to see music. If it’s not heavily sponsored (go’s all phones eclipse show is a joke) and the hosts don’t try and take away from the music and just act as a messenger it should be good. Better than nothing (currently what we have). Exciting times!!!

  6. good on you eleven! im glad too see you haven’t changed since your launch like your competitors disappointingly have – specifically GO, 7TWO and even GEM and 7mate to a lesser degree. good to see your continued commitment to new content, stable programming and your youth demographic.

  7. Sounds like it will be sms driven with crap all over the screen. Forget it people, Video Hits is gone, and so it seems rage as well on Saturday morning from February with yet another breakfast news program.

  8. 11 could do worse to replay it on early Saturday evenings rahter than the current lazy lineup of Raymond and Frasier and Raymond and Frasier and Raymond and Frasier and Raymond

    • It’s not necessarily as simple as “just keep Video Hits and shift it to ELEVEN.” Video Hits was an in-house production with staff. For all we know the new version is exterior-produced branded content that pays for itself. We’ll know more later….

  9. Couldn’t afford to produce Video Hits for Ten but can afford it for Eleven. Why didnt they transfer it over? Oh I know…Sack the hosts via axing and now bring back a similar show with cheaper hosts. Lachlan Murdoch is presiding over a shambles.

  10. Heaps excited to see that guy on TV on channel 11. Hes super super cute and I love how his cheekbones are so defined against his eye structure. Yey yey yey.

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