Finale week for United States of Tara and Big Love

Next week two quality shows depart our screens for good: United States of Tara and Big Love.

I’ve really enjoyed both these shows, although numbers for these seasons have been pretty average, partly due to the timeslots they have had on ABC1 and SBS ONE.

Both these character-based shows have showcased some riveting performances. Three seasons for Tara and five for Big Love.

Maybe because of my investment in the Gregsons and Henricksons that I’ve felt somewhat dissatisfied with these final seasons. Both have resorted to some pretty histrionic scenes. Shouting and screaming doesn’t necessarily equate to emotive drama.

In the case of Tara, which just killed off a supporting character, it feels like they are rapidly trying to slam doors shut at a frenetic speed. Big Love at least has a powerful crescendo. If you’ve been a fan of either, it’s time to say farewell.

United States of Tara 9:30pm Tuesday ABC1
Big Love 10pm Thursday SBS ONE


  1. Thanks so much David for that link. I certainly picked a good one to miss, didn’t I? But now I have the gist of the episode. Can’t wait for the Final Episode. Wonder if it will be as bleak as the one I missed. I have really enjoyed this show.

  2. Thank you so much for passing on my request to SBS. I’m very impressed and love your site. It is one of the first I visit each day. Unfortunately SBS don’t have access to Big Love, so I’ll just have to be content with watching the final episode on Thursday.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Yup, big fan of both so am sad to see them end. This season of Big Love has been a little OTT but I’m pleased that we’re moving toward a resolution of the long-running war with Roman/Alby Grant. I’ve really enjoyed S3 of Tara but the writing does feel like that they thought this might be the last season.

    Big up for the Big C, too.

  4. Can you please help David, or anyone else – I forgot to watch Big Love last night. SBS don’t seem to have it on Podcast/iview – so I would be grateful if anyone knows where I could watch this episode. Thanking everyone in advance and keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Gutted Tara is finishing. I don’t see how one more episode will tie up everything – I think it will leave us asking a lot of questions! Shame 🙁

  6. Tara has been one of the best programs of 2011.
    Every single character deserves praise, including Eddie Izzard.
    Just about every week has left me gobsmacked, and desperate for the next episode.
    How I will miss it!
    Toni Collette – you are simply wonderful!

  7. Dave posted: It was only after this season aired that United States of Tara was not renewed.

    I’d heard that too – apparently Diablo Cody had something like a five year plan for the show. Such a shame it was cut off because I think Toni Collette’s performance(s) is one of the best television has seen. This season has just had me obsessed – the twists and turns have been amazing, I really would have liked to have seen where they went next. And Eddie Izzard has been brilliant.

  8. I agree David – Big Love has been a disappointment this season. It looks like they have run out of money as the scenes don’t look as lush. Lots of close ups and not many long shots. Also I think they have run out of ideas with weird storylines. Stopped watching Tara long ago.

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