Medium still rare

Medium fans nearly got their moment in the sun when TEN briefly rescheduled the last batch of unseen episodes.

The show ended in the US in September 2010 but it’s been left unfinished in Australia, sitting on the shelf.

TEN had rescheduled S7E4 “How to Kill a Good Guy” for 9:30pm this Friday night, but now it’s out again, replaced with the movie Mission Impossible from 8:30pm.

Or was it all just an Allison DuBois dream….?


  1. Season 7 is already available on DVD in the states, and can’t be far off here. If you really want to finish the series, that’d be the way to go.

  2. Seven seems to use the 10:30pm slot well for airing shows that don’t cut it earlier, and when Ten dumped its news I thought they would use it the same way. But no, just replays..

  3. I’m happy that Ten are playing Mission Imposible 1 + 2. Haven’t seen those films for a while and it will be a great prelude before going to see Ghost Protocol.

  4. I don’t even watch this show but you have to feel for the fans

    Ten should at least play it out in a 10:30 slot either now or next year – same with the final three episodes of Numb3rs. These shows were staples on TEN for years

  5. IMO ACMA should record all the networks EPG’s 7 days before broadcast. The Networks should cop a fine for any variations to the schedule, including running late and TBA’s, They will continue to chop and change their programs but irate viewers and the taxman will get some satisfaction.

  6. Seriously!

    Sometimes I think its an impossible mission to follow some US shows, as soon as the ratings drop local networks are too quick to drop show, some never to reappear, what ever happened to Monk. I loved the first few season.

    Good thing these shows are on PayTV and DVD.

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