Molly to undergo surgery

Seven has released a statement on the condition of Molly Meldrum today:

Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum remains in a serious but stable condition at The Alfred Hospital.

Doctors will today perform surgery to repair his broken collarbone and ribs, after which he will return to the intensive care unit.

Sedation levels are still being gradually reduced to enable doctors to assess his head injury, but this is a slow process and will take several days.

“Molly’s a pretty tough customer, but I know he would be overwhelmed by the level of support he is receiving. Certainly from a family point of view that support has been an invaluable source of strength and comfort, for which we cannot thank you enough,” Molly’s brother Brian Meldrum said.

“They say patience is a virtue, and patience is certainly something we need to have right now. For Molly it will be a long, slow road but I have no doubt it will be much smoothed by having so many of his friends, fans and well-wishers traveling on it with him.”

Brian Meldrum and Mark Klemens, Molly’s agent, have advised that in the absence of further developments in Molly’s condition they will not make any additional comment today.


 Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum’s brother, Brian Meldrum, has confirmed that Molly today underwent a four-and-a-half hour operation to address injuries he suffered in a fall at his home last Thursday night.

“Surgeons were successful in repairing a broken collar bone, and extensive breaks and fractures he suffered to his left rib cage,” Brian said.

“A metal plate was screwed into place to reconnect his clavicle bone, and soluble screws and plates were used to repair the damage to his ribs.

“The operation on his rib cage will make it easier for Molly to breathe, and will bring forward the time when he can be taken off the ventilator.

“Molly’s condition is still considered to be serious, and he was returned to intensive care after the operation. However the success of today’s operation will assist greatly in his overall recovery.”


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