More diversity as Indian family joins Neighbours

Long-running soap Neighbours will add a family with Indian and Sri Lankan heritage in one of the final moves by outgoing Producer Susan Bower.

The Kapoors are the first family to join the series since the Williams family arrived two years ago.

Local Councillor Ajay Kapoor (Sachin Joab) has been a regular guest since July, joined by wife Priya Kapoor (Menik Gooneratne) as principal of Erinsborough High in September.

In February their daughter Rani, played by newcomer Coco-Jacinta Cherin, will join them.

The ELEVEN soap has frequently been criticised for haveing too many Anglo-Saxon characters, but has previously had an Asian family before, if rather short-lived. Recently it added its first openly-gay male youth.

“I’m delighted by how the Kapoors have been introduced,” said Bower. “Viewers already know them because of their role in the community and link with other characters, and their cultural background is secondary.

“We have had many individual characters who have been representative of Australia’s diverse cultural landscape, however to have a family of Indian and Sri Lankan heritage join the neighbourhood, is very exciting.”

The Kapoors don’t get to live on Ramsay Street itself, appearing as part of the show’s extended Neighbours-hood, but it’s a positive step.


  1. It can be quite jarring and shocking to think of just how far behind Australia is in areas of social tolerance such as this. This would be simply unimaginable in the UK or Ireland. At least Neighbours is trying to modernise, with this family and Chris. Home and Away on the other hand….
    And a comment from a British site-oh, dear

  2. I think this is a good idea. There are a lot of the longer-term migrants who have integrated into Australian society, and this should set a good example for integration. In Melbourne, it was primarily second-wave immigration from those who initially came to places like Dandenong, but have now spread out to better socio-economic areas.

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