Ratings knockout as ABC1 still tops TEN

ABC1 has again beaten TEN's Primary Channel share in the week's ratings, but it was another win for Seven overall.

ABC1 has again beaten TEN’s Primary Channel share in the week’s ratings, as it has done for several weeks.

ABC1 was 12.9% ahead of TEN’s 12.5% despite interim CEO Lachlan Murdoch talking up the network’s position to shareholders. Admittedly we aren’t in ratings survey, however TEN hasn’t beaten ABC1 outright since mid-October.

But it was again Seven that won the week over Nine.

Seven Network won with 28.2 ahead of Nine 27.4, TEN 19.8, ABC 18.0, SBS 6.7.

In Primary Channels Seven led with 19.6 over Nine 19.1, ABC1 12.9, TEN 12.5 and SBS ONE 5.6.

This week the Multichannels mixed it up a bit. 7TWO was 5.0 then ELEVEN 4.6, GO! 4.2, GEM 4.1, 7mate 3.5, ABC2 3.2, ONE 2.7, ABC News 24 and SBS TWO both on 1.1 and ABC3 on 0.8.

Nine again easily led the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven ranked first in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with Nine again winning Sydney and Melbourne.

Seven topped Monday – Friday with Nine winning Sunday and Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Saturday.

The #1 show for the week was Seven News (Sunday) on 1.14m viewers. Only 8 titles ranked above the magic million, divided between Seven News, Nine News, 60 Minutes and The Big Bang Theory.

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  1. @thesquareproject- I think the multi-channels will hurt pay tv more than the free to
    air. People who cannot afford pay tv now have less reason to get it because they have more free to air and people who currently pay for tv may dump it because of all the multi-channels.

  2. FTA is dying a slow death. And it’s not because of Foxtel, and it’s not because of multi-channels, and it’s not because of the internet. It’s because of the FTA networks being so untrustworthy, incompetent and irrational with their programming. And the internet is benefitting from FTA’s failure. Ten used to be the most reliable, but are now the worse, they still have some of the best shows, but look at them now, they don’t rate. Not because the show’s crap, because the network have made it hard for people to watch the show on Ten.

    The reason Seven rates so well is because they stick to a winning formula. Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Rafters, all had the same day timeslot for a few years now. When they move shows constantly like Amazing Race, City Homicide, the ratings reflect that. Glee, Modern Family are only 3 years old, but rate poorly because of Ten’s treatment.

  3. Obviously FTA is gonna rate higher than Pay TV you stupid!! because FTA is Free!!! But Foxtel’s percentage is getting higher and higher everytime and i agree Foxtel is better than FTA!!! All you people are saying you don’t want to Pay for Foxtel because they have shit shows Hahahah!!!!! they have Good Shows!! it’s just you people are a cheap B*****d

  4. @thesquareproject “free to air tv has struggled alot more since the multi channels came along, eventually everyone will give up and watch foxtel”

    Last week the split was Free-To-Air 81.1% and Pay was 18.9% in the 5 metro markets.

    With those numbers in mind, can you please explain how you came to the conclusion that FTA is ‘struggling’?

  5. @thesquareproject – I still don’t see how foxtel is a viable alternative. one pays a lot of money for just as much rubbish. The multichannels have not damaged free-to-air; rather, they have supported it nicely. Foxtel has not benefited one iota.

  6. Ten will have to write off 2012 for sure They don’t have much to give. I think the YTT reboot will be the same as Hey Hey, great for a bit of nostalgia but won’t last the distance James will have a big job on his hands to turn it around, but will need time. Good luck to him….

  7. I agree mr j. The pressure on YTT to rate is enormous. Breakfast is not going to have a influence in the ratings even on the slim chance it performs well. Gotta say nines offerings have a lot of promise !!

  8. it still surpises me how little ten are doing to try and turn around. Their new product for 2011 looks like it is the smallest it has been in years, which is saying something. 9 had an equally bad 2011 but to their credit it is clear that they are sparing no expense in improving for 2012. I think 4th place for ten will become a lot more frequent in 2012.

  9. @Ryan – perhaps Ten is having an Ironic Movie Month? Should we also expect to see Back to the Future and Repeat Performance? Of course, they’ll have to show Groundhog Day, which will actually be Happy Gilmour shown over and over again.

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