Renewed: Family Confidential

ABC will run a second season of doco series Family Confidential next year, looking at the lives of some of Australia’s more famous families.

This second season includes: the Nolls (singer Shannon and family), the Courtenays (of author Bryce Courtenay fame); the Dingos (actor Ernie, wife Sally); the Holmes a Court (billionaire widow, Janet and sons Peter and Paul); the Jacobsens (entertainment legend Kevin); and the Casellas (Australia’s wealthiest wine company, courtesy of their Yellow Tail label).

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of producer Laurie Critchley’s first foray into the family history format, which included: the acclaimed Dynasties series of 2002, followed by Family Fortunes in 2008, and now Family Confidential.

Head of ABC TV’s Documentaries, Alan Erson said: “Family Confidential is a consistently strong series and I truly admire Laurie and her team who have delivered an honest and open look into the lives of many high profile Australians. This series just keeps getting better.”

Laurie Critchley said: “Although we’ve reached our 10th series, and helped tell more than 60 family stories, there are always surprises. Every one of our six new stories offers a new insight into the meaning and complexity of the family, and opens a fascinating inside window to our shared history. For our families, real life really is larger than fiction!

“What is so humbling is that each family has been so generous in trusting us to bring their truly extraordinary personal stories to a national audience”, she said.

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