Report: Molly in critical condition

A 65-year-old man, believed to be Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, is in a critical condition after falling from a ladder.

AAP reports Paramedics were called to a residence in Richmond about 6.40pm tonight and treated a man who had fallen from a height from a ladder, an Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman said.

Media reports name the man as Meldrum, but the spokeswoman would not confirm his identity. Neighbours said Meldrum was the man injured in the accident, which happened at 6.40pm.

“He fell from a ladder, at some height, he was unconscious when we arrived,” she told AAP.

“He has been placed in an induced coma and taken to The Alfred hospital in a critical condition.”

His brother, Brian, said he was heading to the hospital.

Meldrum, whose television appearances include Hey Hey it’s Saturday, Countdown and Kommotion is considered an Australian music legend.

He is simply beloved by television audiences.

Update 9:45pm: Molly is understood to be going into surgery.

Source: The Age, Herald Sun


  1. Ticky: I lost my dearest uncle after he fell off a ladder doing something that he didn’t need to do himself. Brain damage, institutionalisation for two years, recognising no-one, then an early death.

  2. It was also reported he had stopped breathing by the time the paramedics arrived. If he’s been placed in an induced coma, that usually indicates serious brain injury. What a dreadful incident, I wish him all the best for a quick recovery, this is just awful.

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