Returning: Neighbours

It only had its cliffhanger last Friday but already ELEVEN has scheduled a return date for Neighbours in 2012.

It resumes at 6:30pm Monday January 9th, a month to the date of its 2011 cliffhanger.

Never let it be said this team has a cushy life, ending later and resuming earlier than most weekly television shows.

In the season finale, Chris (James Mason) was left in jeopardy following an assault.


  1. The thing is what would they replace it with.The American and Canadian Shows are mostly with a few exceptions are aimed at a teenage audience and would probably cost just as much if not more to import them in.Failing That They would have to start from Scratch and make a new home grown soap.

  2. Let’s Hope So.I’ll probably watch catch up episodes at 8:30am as I work weeknights.It sucks being made to watch those feral current affairs shows in our house because we don’t know any better

  3. This is also the week most shows return to Eleven, including The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Supernatural, Smallville, and The Office

    Ringer will also move to 10:30 Sundays on Eleven starting this week

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