Sitcoms on ONE

What plays on ELEVEN stays on ELEVEN. Except when it moves to ONE?

Subtle changes are being made to ONE with classic sitcoms Get Smart and MASH being added.

MASH joins from 6pm Monday with Get Smart at 6:30pm.

Jeopardy! moves back to 4pm.

Given that Get Smart has previously aired on ELEVEN, where does this leave that promise that “What plays on ELEVEN stays on ELEVEN?”

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  1. Really MASH and Get Smart. MASH was on Seven for like 10 years at 5pm now they are gonna re-run the series an hour later on ONE what joy. Get Smart i have no idea why it left GO for Eleven it last one night then it got replaced by Fraiser. ONE was the best of the HD channels a 24 hour sports channel now it’s just reality shows with sport on if it’s live. I think we can say ONE will be gone by the end of 2012 at this rate

  2. It’s official, all 3 commercial HD channels are dead. What a waste. There should be tighter restrictions on the HD content, requiring the networks to show HD only from 5pm-12am, and 7-9am.

  3. This Means That Classic Sitcom Lovers Will Change Channels From 7TWO To ONE HD When Rising Damp Finishes At 6:00pm For MASH And Then Get Smart At 6:30pm And Then Switch Back To 7TWO For On The Buses At 7:00pm

  4. God Know Not Mash.I kind of remember the days on a Friday Night watching that tripe back in the eighties as a kid.This will be the umpteenth time in more years than I have fingers and toes all channels have shown it since Production ended in 1983.It’s a shame With the Exception of Raymond and Sabrina Nine and Now Go/Gem got all of the nineties/2000-2009 sitcoms and left us with all the out of dare crap.

  5. I’m surpised Get Smart has had such trouble finding a home. First Go, then elevin, now One. But I guess now that we all have mobile phone’s, that shoe phone gag just dosn’t work anymore.

  6. No need to watch these at all as i own the entire MASH collection and have seen Get Smart on DVD and 30 years ago when they showed it in its entirety.
    These shows run for 25 mins start to finish and are butchered due to the ever increasing amount of commercials on television , i am afraid the idea of viewing these and other classics on television today are long gone.

  7. We never believe anything that comes from TEN anymore

    I used to love ONE HD – had it on most of the time – but now TEN have killed it by removing any decent sports off there, its time they killed the channel and rebooted it as something else


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