STVDIO goes to the Sydney Festival

When Sydney Festival 2012 launches on January 7, arts channel STVDIO will be there with David Campbell to host all local productions broadcast in 2012.

STVDIO will screen two series of short-form behind-the-scenes programming from the festival with Australian Innovation and Festival TV. These will be shown during January on STVDIO, on STVDIO’s YouTube Channel ( and online at

• Australian Innovation is a series of “art breaks”. In each of 8 x 6 minute episodes, Sydney Festival’s artistic director Lindy Hume interviews Australian artists about their artistic process: how an idea moves from innovative concept to an audience. Interviewees cover the range of Australian artists who the Sydney Festival 2012 has commissioned for new Australian works, including conductor Richard Gill, indigenous playwright and director Wesley Enoch, performer Meow Meow and photographer William Yang.

• Festival TV – which STVDIO also produced for the 2011 Melbourne Festival – will air at 8.25 pm each evening on STVDIO from January 7 when Sydney Festival launches. In each five minute episode, Festival TV will go behind-the scenes of festival productions, giving a dynamic insight into the breadth of the program and the people involved in the month-long festival.

There will also be two festival events recorded by STVDIO for transmission later in the year, as well as a documentary about the making of the world premiere of I Am Eora, billed as a ground breaking performance that celebrates Sydney’s Aboriginal cultural continuity and embraces the sacred heart of this contemporary city.

The two performances being recorded are Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl for broadcast on STVDIO on 19 March at 8.30pm and the Force Majeure/Sydney Theatre Company production Never Did Me Any Harm for broadcast later in the year.

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