Airdate: King Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital

Crime & Investigation’s new factual series King Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital begins in early February.

The 10-part observational series has been filmed during the busy summer period at St Vincent’s emergency department, just a stone’s throw from the Sydney CBS and Kings Cross.

Each 30 minute episode of King Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital follows an extraordinary team of doctors, nurses and specialist consultants as they pull together to deal with the frenetic pace of Australia’s most unique emergency ward.

From performing life-saving surgery, to treating multiple stab wounds, gun shot injuries, alcohol-fuelled head traumas, drug overdoses, car crash casualties and everything inbetween, there’s nothing this hi-calibre team cannot handle.

The work is exhilarating and exhausting and the pace, relentless. It is often said that there is nothing that can make a St Vincent’s ER doctor blush – they have literally seen it all.

It is the ER’s proximity to the heart of the city and to its darker side that provides both the sheer volume of cases and eye-opening reality for the most diverse patient population of any emergency department in the country.

St Vincent’s is the place where James Packer landed when he was flung from his horse, where John Ibrahim was treated after he was stabbed, where Marianne Faithfull was treated after her overdose and where Kerry Packer came after his heart attack. Through its doors walk everyone from rock stars to celebrities, business moguls and the homeless – and all are in need of urgent care.

King Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital opens up a window into a world of medicine that is fascinating, challenging, uplifting and sometimes even humorous.

King Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital was created by John McAvoy for Eyeworks Australia and is exclusive to Crime & Investigation Network.

King Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital
10 x 30 min series premieres Thursday, February 2 at 7.30pm AEDT
Crime & Investigation Network

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