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Updated: GO! will premiere a US comedy about a single dad who moves with his daughter from Manhattan to the "perfect" but bland burbs of New York State.

GO! will soon premiere US comedy Suburgatory about a single dad who moves with his daughter from Manhattan to the “perfect” but bland burbs of New York State.

The series stars Jeremy Sisto (Law & Order), Jane Levy (Shameless), Carly Chaikin (The Last Song), Allie Grant (Weeds), Rex Lee (Entourage), Alan Tudyk (Knocked Up) and Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

So far 12 episodes have aired in the US to generally positive reviews.

Forget purgatory – welcome to Suburgatory, a devilish version of suburban hell in the form of a new comedy series premiering Sunday, February 5, at 8.30pm *on GO!

For 16-year-old Tessa Altman (Levy), a teenage transplant from New York City, the suburbs represent her dreaded vision of hell. Manicured lawns, cookie-cutter homes, big botox lips, little nose jobs, synchronised sprinkler systems that erupt at the same time, huge malls that are mecca for mass consumerism – welcome to Tessa’s Suburgatory.

With her motorcycle boots and oversized backpack, Tessa is perfectly at ease navigating the urban jungle she grew up in. But when her father George (Sisto), a handsome architect in his late 30s, suddenly feels a little out of his league in the parenting department after finding a pack of condoms in her room, it’s goodbye New York City and hello suburbia.

Tessa goes into culture shock. What is this foreign land? What exactly is a “pep rally” and why are they needed? Since when is animal print considered a colour? And why is sugar-free Red Bull all people will drink?

To make matters worse, Tessa is drawing all sorts of unwanted attention from overly friendly suburban mums, like the blonde, bronze and buxom Dallas Royce (Hines) who fancies herself as a surrogate without the stretch marks. She is intent on taking Tessa shopping and snagging more face time with her handsome father.

Dallas’s daughter Dalia (Chaikin) is Tessa’s nemesis. She is also Tessa’s new “buddy” at school – but as the school counsellor, Mr Wolfe (Lee), informs Tessa, a buddy is not necessarily your friend. George, however, does have a buddy who is his friend in the form of Noah Lerner (Tudyk), an old pal intent on introducing George to all the perks the suburbs have to offer.

Little by little, Tessa and her dad begin to find a way to survive on the clean streets of the ’burbs. Sure, the neighbours like Sheila Shay (recurring guest star Ana Gasteyer – Saturday Night Live) might smother you with home-cooked meals while their kids like Lisa Shay (Grant) stare daggers at your back. But underneath it all, maybe they’re really not half-bad.

Living in the suburbs could be hell, but it might just bring Tessa and George closer than they’ve ever been.

Sunday, February 5, at 8.30pm on GO! (Updated*)

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  1. Alan Tudyk was also in the V remake on GO! as well as what has been mentioned. I’ll admit I’m hoping for Fringe and maybe Chuck announcements soon. Maybe just air the latter one episode a week late Monday night. I’d love it. Plus it would last longer if they did season 3 and 4 .

  2. Why is this show being aired on Go? It’s a fantastic and funny and would be such a welcome relief from the mindless Chuck Lorre junk that pollutes our TV. Oh wait, I just realised, there isn’t a laugh track or fart jokes, must be far too intellectual for Nine…

  3. This would have to be my second favourite new show so far this season after Ringer, and a big improvement on last year’s horrendous Better With You. The diverse mix of characters is spot on.

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