Airdate: The Aussie Way Up

Nat Geo Adventure screens a 12-part factual series about 4 young Aussies who tackle a 12,000 kilometre road trip from Tassie to the Top End, using only vehicles powered by recycled oils and other sustainable transportation.

Conscious of an overcrowded planet with dwindling resources, Justin the DJ, Oscar the Banker, Chuck the Welder and Bob the Engineer, set out on a mission to investigate sustainable technologies, perspectives and lifestyle options used across our country.

The journey involves treacherous weather, exploding batteries, oil shortages, dwindling funds and multiple breakdowns.

From ironic situations such as running out of fuel in front of a petrol station, to more extreme emergencies like being stranded in the bush without fuel and having to employ lateral problem solving skills by harnessing their vehicle to camels, the bonds of mateship between the boys are strengthened time and again as they rely on each other’s ingenuity.

Former banker, Oscar Peppitt, said “With breakdowns and bromances, camels and catastrophes, this trip was definitely one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, but also one of the best”.

“We’re all dedicated to moving toward a more sustainable future and it was fantastic to meet so many Australians across the country that are equally passionate,” he added.

Powered in part by ‘Grease Parties’, dance events where revelers could attend for free if they brought waste oil to power the boys’ vehicle, their adventure takes them right across Australia, including parts of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Aussie Way Up is produced for National Geographic Channels International by Candid Projects. For Candid Projects, the Executive Producer is Jo Melling. For National Geographic Channels International, Head of Global Programming is David Lyle.

Sunday January 15 at 8.30pm Nat Geo Adventure.

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