ELEVEN turns 1

ELEVEN is one year old today.

The joint venture between TEN and CBS has had a strong twelve months, making strong in-roads especially against GO!

It is frequently amongst the top 3 multichannels for the week.

Network TEN Head of Programming, Beverley McGarvey, said about ELEVEN: “Channel ELEVEN ended the survey year significantly ahead of our closest competitors, and in 2012 we plan on going from strength to strength. We’re looking into some fresh ideas to bring to the table, as well as bringing back some of the best TV the US has to offer.”

To mark the occasion, Couch Time will have a giant cake this afternoon and tonight there’s a new episode of The Simpsons. ELEVEN is also promising new Neighbours, Wilfred, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, The Office, Nurse Jackie and Top Model this year.

Supernatural, Smallville and Neighbours all returned this week, while the tantalising American Horror Story wraps next week, to be followed by Dexter.

TV Tonight readers voted ELEVEN their preferred multichannel in the recent 2011 TV Tonight Awards by a big margin.

ELEVEN is also producing a new mini-drama Micro Nation, and a new music show co-hosted by Scotty Tweedie is coming to Saturday mornings later this month.

Now, if only they could fix ONE….


  1. thesportsfreak

    I never knew there was so much love for Craig Ferguson! This show is the most under-promoted show on ELEVEN, yet seems to be getting all the kudos… in your pants

  2. Iv’e been done with 11 for a while. All they do is rerun the same shows all the time i’m over the sitcom afternoon theme how many times can you run through Happy Days, Brady Bunch Family Ties and Cheers in one year. Freshen up the line up im sure CBS has more shows they can use on the channel. I think year 2 of 11 needs to freshened up seeing as they are looking to air the same shows as 2011 and i think it’s just boring if they do that.

  3. Yes they’ve done some good things but they’ve also done some bad things. The re-formatting of shows, the cycle of only repeating certain series and the constant moving of Craig Ferguson on Friday night and some of the promos and channel IDs are a bit annoying. Let’s hope there’s some improvement in 2012.

  4. Funny how all of Channel 10’s 3 channels seem to be coming last in the ratings, rather than 1st. Seven and Nine’s main channels are higher and 7TWO and GO! are higher. Just hate how some people try to put a positive any which way they can on something that’s clearly a negative.

    @ Adam Rad agree with you 100%, 7TWO with all their old classics fares better than Eleven which has 2 1/2 hours of new Australian soap every week.

  5. There’s no mention of Californication here or in the onscreen ads. Is it still planned for Eleven? Love CraigyFerg, American Horror Story, Nurse Jackie, Wilfred, Futurama and The Simpsons. Happy birthday Eleven!

    Eleven has only played two seasons of Frasier, albeit twice, so I don’t think there is too much of it.

  6. Happy Birthday Eleven! I love Supernatural, Smallville, and Star Trek TNG (no surprises ) . I’ve also watched Stargate Universe and Star Trek: Voyager plus many more shows. The one thing I love is when they are reliable although that’s not completely perfect. But most of the time they are and I appreciate it. I’m especially grateful for the pairing of Supernatural and Smallville. Lastly I love many of the promos too. Thank you and I wish you well for the future and for today.

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