Excess Baggage to weigh in ahead of schedule

Nine will kick off Excess Baggage a week ahead of its original schedule, due to TEN's pre-emptive strike with The Biggest Loser.

Nine will kick off Excess Baggage at 7pm Monday January 30, a week ahead of its original schedule, due to TEN’s pre-emptive strike with The Biggest Loser.

TEN launches Loser at 7pm Monday, January 23rd with one hour episodes from Monday – Thursday. Last week TEN surprised the market by moving The Project back to 6pm in order to reinstate reality shows at 7pm.

That was territory Nine had carved up for itself with The Block and Celebrity Apprentice last year (both are tipped to follow Baggage this year). It thought the coast was clear with Seven committed to Home and Away and TEN with The 7PM Project. 

But new TEN CEO James Warburton has other ideas.

If TEN’s kickstart on Loser can topple Baggage it will be a sweet irony for TEN after The Block got the headstart on Renovators, complete with copycat challenges added to its stripped format.

May the thinnest man win.

Source: Daily Telegraph


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  1. Nice to see Ten taking the lead and others responding for a change. But I think Ten have had to take the lead given their old format is competing with something new and fresh. Maybe I am one of the few who think EB will do very well. TBL…we have seen before and is tired…but mind you I have never really been a fan. The host is so plastic. With EB, I am looking forward to seeing the celebrities, in this world we live in where image is everything, we will see another side to them….a human side. I also feel they have different audiences, with EB attracting a older audience….30’s plus (given the celebs ages) …While TBL is 10-30 yrs. I think it will be a close battle.

  2. Wow – it’s like a game of chicken. Pinky Tuscadero drops the scarf with both 9 and 10 racing headlong towards the cliff in a desperate battle to get their fatties’ show into the viewers’ hearts.
    The 9 promos are excruciating. Celebrities and “everyday Aussies” (how condescending) and sob stories about how they couldn’t stop eating all the pies.
    I think most people can see through this schlock. But then I may yet be proved wrong. I have been wrong many times about what I thought was crap and people still watched (The Block & Dancing with the Stars are but two examples).

  3. Nine wants to get out the “Excess Baggage”, so it can play for about 10-12 weeks and not clash with MasterChef. If it had played it has planned, MasterChef would start before this ended. Therefore it may be 10-12 weeks then put on “The Block” or “Celebrity Apprentice Australia”. to get ahead of MasterChef. They now know MasterChef at 7pm could undo their “7pm plans”.

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